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    summer ale

    I need a really good summer ale recipe. I want something that my in-laws and other non real beer drinkers will enjoy. Also something that I can have 6,8 or 10 of, on these hot summer days. Any ideas? PS. Not an all grain recipe. I am not quite there yet. Todd
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    Should I rack again?

    I racked an American Wheat to the secondary 5 days ago. There was some pretty healthy secondary fermentation for a couple days and it has now ceased. there is a lot of stuff on bottom. Should I rack the beer off of this to finish clarifying or let it stay. I figure that it will stay on the the...
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    Am I OK? rack to early?

    I am brewing an American Wheat style right now. It has a high OG of about 1.066. It had a very vigorous ferment in the primary for 3 1/2 days, using liquid yeast. Today was four full days. The action had slowed considerably, bubbling every 15 seconds or so and I racked it to the secondary. There...
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    cooling ideas...

    Good afternoon. I have just gotten back into brewing after about 10 years. I need to find out how to ferment at lower temps for lagers and pilsners. I can brew Ales with no problem. I have a garage refridgerator that I can keep at about 51 or 52 at the highest. I can't seem to get anything down...
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    shiner bock recipe?

    Does anyone have a recipe for a partial mash Shiner Bock? or even a link to find one. I have seen it before but now I can't find it. Thanks! Toddster
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    How long to carbonate?

    Good morning! This is my first post on this forum. It has been about 10 years since I have home brewed any beer. I bottled a Pete's wicked Strawberry blonde clone seven days ago. I have been checking the bottles for clarity and signs of carbonation. I opened one bottle last night after chilling...