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    Adding peach puree to viognier kit in secondary?

    We are currently making a Winexpert viognier wine kit, and were thinking of adding some peach flavor. (Husband looooves peach.) Our local brewshop sold us this can of peach puree, and suggested adding it to the secondary. - When exactly would we add it? Our kit instructions include racking the...
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    Niagara wine recipe, or Niagara blend recipe?

    We have some niagara grapes growing in our yard and would love to use them in wine. We would need to supplement them with additional juice, for sure, and are trying to decide if we should do all Niagara (like this), or if we should blend it with the juice from a proper wine grape. Does anyone...
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    First time winemaking- advice for getting started!

    Hi all! Excited to join the community. My husband and I are looking to make our first batch of wine at home this fall, and trying to wrap our heads around the process and what we need. A few questions: 1) Can anyone suggest some good videos to watch that walk through the process and/or a...