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    having trouble trying to figure out how to calculate volumes for carbonating?
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    black ipa

    how do you get the color and does anyone have a good recipe for a black ipa?
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    pellet hops

    i was wondering how long pellet hops would keep till they go bad?
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    robust porter.... need input

    light LME 8.6 lbs munich LME 1 lbs Crystal 40L 1 lb chocolate malt 350 0.75 lb black patent malt 525 0.5 lb hops kent goldings 60 min 1.75 oz fuggles 15 min 0.75 oz kent goldings 0 min 0.75 oz yeast wyeast 1056 american ale, white labs wlp 001, california ale. input...
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    single beer hops...

    looking for some good hops for a single hop beer, any ideas would be appreciated.
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    bass ale clone

    i found two very different recipes, any suggestions? or do any of you have your own recipes for bass ale
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    smithwicks clone

    looking for the recipe for partial mash.
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    I am really new to home brewing, but is there any suggestions on coming up with your own recipes. I love english brown ale, and any lager is good. Any info would be appreciated.