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  1. blowmax10

    Brewing some apple wine

    I made a batch of apple wine on Monday and decided to make a youtube video Check it out and tell me what you think 6yLN159NnmI Sorry I tried to get it to embed but failed
  2. blowmax10

    Cold crashing on Yeast cake

    Does this mean that it is a dumb question or no one knows the answer?
  3. blowmax10

    Cold crashing on Yeast cake

    Hello all, I'm sitting here drinking a basic pale ale that I made - I made 3 ten gallon batches of the same recipe to experiment a bit, this is batch #2 This one has a real earthy note to it and I'm wondering if it is because I cold crashed in the primary fermenter for a week before I...
  4. blowmax10

    Vacuum sealer discussion

    what about leaving the grains at room temp? I've always been told that they will stay fresh for a year uncrushed. I wonder how much it would extend the life to be vacuumed sealed
  5. blowmax10

    Vacuum sealer discussion

    I just got a vacuum sealer for free from a friend - are there any down sides to using it on hops and possibly to extend the life of uncrushed specialty grains?
  6. blowmax10

    Sanitizing Sugar

    Thank you
  7. blowmax10

    Sanitizing Sugar

    even when I'm doing it with apple juice and not water??
  8. blowmax10

    Bronze fittings

    Its bronze not brass??
  9. blowmax10

    Sanitizing Sugar

    I'm telling a friend how to make a cheap apple wine - I can't remember at what temp I sanitized my sugar or for how long I want to say 170 for 20min? Does that sound right? I was told not to bring it to a boil because I would make a syrup
  10. blowmax10

    Pressure Canner

    Hey guys, We just bought a 23-quart pressure caner/cooker for canning stews and such I would love to hear everyone's ideas for ways it could be used in the brew house Like maybe canning wort for yeast starters? :mug:
  11. blowmax10

    Keggle owners--how did you reuse your sanke spear?

    Mine went into the recycle bin at work
  12. blowmax10

    Do you think I can mash this much grain

    I've mashed 25#'s of grain in my 10 gallon igloo cooler before. Do you guys think 28#'s is too ambitious?? Thanks
  13. coldchiller2


    old sump pump
  14. coldchiller


    old sump pump
  15. kettle


  16. MashTunandHLT


    10 gallon set up
  17. blowmax10

    Dumb Question

  18. blowmax10

    Dumb Question

    Do I need to mill flaked wheat?? I'm thinking no just looking at it
  19. blowmax10

    Reason for steeping grains?

    Steeping grains add a huge amount of flavor - Your right that crystal malt doesn't add much fermentables but it add color, mouth feel and flavor And no - you shouldn't substitute twice as much crystal malt for a malt that has half the lovibond - each crystal malt has its own flavor
  20. blowmax10

    Adjusting air flow on burners

    here is a stupid question, The shroud on the air intake on my burner is adjustable, what does the adjustment do and how do I know that it needs adjusted?