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    Wheat malt question

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    Wheat malt question

    Can any success be had when steeping wheat malt with other grains? The reason I ask is that currently I do not have a luater tun, but would like to use wheat for its head retention and flavor characteristics. Could I steep at the various temperatures needed for starch conversion then bring...
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    Yeast on a roadtrip

    I was just wondering if I should be concerned about moving some liquid yeast cross state. Would a cooler be sufficient in keeping the boys happy for about 6 hours? Also, in the instance where I won't have a cooler (bus ride back to school), will the yeast be okay exposed to 70-90 degree temps...
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    Fermentation Q

    Hello, About nine days ago I started my first batch of home brew and at the moment it seems that there is still activity happening in the carboy. I pitched the ale yeast at 75F and everything was looking great, but now that it has been awhile I'm starting to get concerned if it should still...