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    NEIPA Brewers who dont have oxidation issues. Need input

    I'm trying to track down my source of oxidation (or what i assume is oxidation). My NEIPAs come out incredible when out of the fermenter, and into the keg, and carbonated. The first couple of weeks they taste exactly as they should, and look exactly as they should. Within 3-4 weeks, they...
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    Over Attenuation out of nowhere

    Anyone else experience a random point where your fermentation starts to overattenuate? Theres been no change to my brewing equipment, i've verified all of my temp probes are reading correctly with multiple different thermometers including a thermopen, same process short of + or - 10 minutes...
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    Dryhops stuck on Chiller Coil

    Anyone else with SS Brewtech BME gear have issues with your dryhops getting stuck on the top of the chiller coil? I've got a 7 gallon BME Chronical and since the top of the coil is around 7 gallons, its above the wort/krausen line for most beers. For my final dryhop i use a...
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    Cannular pros/cons

    Now that the Cannular has been out for a while, owners chime in because I’m about to pull the trigger
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    Low pressure co2 regulator

    Can someone recommend me a low pressure CO2 regulator for cold crashing and transfer in non-unitank fermenters? I was using a paintball tank and micro-regulator but it’s extremely unreliable and my prv is too fickle for something that isn’t rock solid, and if I’m upgrading to a full CO2 tank and...
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    Glycol Chiller without Glycol?

    Currently finishing up the usual DIY Glycol Chiller out of a 5000btu air conditioner build. Everything went smooth and i'm just waiting for the spray foam to cure BUT i'd really really like to brew this week. I wont be able to get my Glycol gallons until this weekend, and we're having people...
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    AC Glycol Chiller Cooler sizing

    Is there any sizing considerations for the cooler in an AC DIY Glycol build? Any reason why a larger cooler would work better than a smaller other than stabilization of the glycol temp due to thermal mass when you're trying to cold crash multiple FVs, or control multiple larger FVs? Just...
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    Taplist on TV through USB

    Anyone using their home bar/brewing area tv as a taplist without using something like Taplist through Firestick? I've got an LED tv in my basement bar/brewing area that has Roku built in, but i see Taplist.io is only compatible with Firestick. Seems silly to purchase Firestick considering my...
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    WTB - NY Tri State - 7 Gallon Chronical BME or Unitank + FTSS2

    Anyone looking to upgrade to a 14 gallon or larger, or move from a Chronical to a unitank in the tristate area? I'm looking to buy your 7 gallon Chronical BME with FTSS heating and Chilling, or 7 Gallon unitank with FTSS Not looking to lowball you or anything. Will offer a very reasonable...
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    Inline Thermometer issue - Northern Brewer Stainless CFC

    So i picked up the Stainless CFC from Northern Brewer. It has 1/2"NPT fittings on the wort side, standard 3/4" garden hose fittings on the water side. I wanted to plumb in an analog thermometer on the outlet so i can monitor the outlet temp to know when to move the output to the fermenter. I...
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    What do you do with your beer?

    Title is self explanatory. Tell us what your system size is, and what you typically do with your beer For instance, heres me Brew setup - 3vessel 120v e-herms setup with 5 gallon finished batch size What i do with my beer - I brewed a lot in 2019 and found that except for the stuff that i...
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    Co2 purged keg methods

    What is everyone’s process for purging kegs of co2 prior to filling? I brew a lot of NEIPAs and I’m trying to narrow down and eradicate all possible post fermentation sources of oxygen
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    New York SS Brewtech Brew Buckets & Wine Fridge Fermentation Chambers

    Both complete sets are for sale, but i wont separate the fridges from the buckets, so dont ask. They each come as a package since i have no use for the fridges once the buckets are gone. One each -SS Brewtech 7 Gallon BME Brewbuckets -Haier Wine Fridges with compressor jumpered so its always...
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    Taplist without Pi or Fire?

    Anyone using a digital taplist on a Roku enabled smart tv? I see Taplist.io requires Amazon Fire or Raspberry Pi, no Roku support. I'm thinking of maybe just building a simple 1920x1080 image file template that i can update and display on the tv with a usb stick
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    Long Island Water Testing

    Anyone on Long Island had their tap water tested to see what the baseline is? Care to share your location and results?
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    Build me a NEIPA Hop Schedule

    I've got a handful of Hops that are burning a hole in my pocket and i cant decide what i want to do as far as a hop schedule goes. 5gallon final batch, and typically i'll do .5oz Warrior at FWH, then 4-6oz during a 165degree 30 minute whirlpool, 2-3oz first dryhop on day 1, and then final...
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    Tell me why i cant get my efficiency up

    So I consistently see people talking about getting 80%+ efficiencies with their 3vessel herms system, whether thats Spike, or SSBrewtech, or homemade, yet i cant seem to break 74-75%. Equipment - I have 3x 10 gallon kettles in an e-herms configuration. I have a HLT with a 25foot SS herms...
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    Twistee Cans - Seamerless canning

    Stumbled across these on facebook. Seems like they're the old Monster Energy can style with the twist off top. If they sealed properly, and were reusable a couple times, might be a cool alternative to canning with a can seamer for some to-go beers or if you want to share for a competition or...
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    Where are you getting your hops nowadays?

    Where are you guys finding the best deals on Hops + Shipping nowadays? Mostly Aroma hops, as a lot of the bittering hops i get i buy in bulk since i use them across multiple different recipes
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    Fly Sparge - Predetermined volume or Boil Volume

    Looking for some feedback from you Fly Spargers When you fly sparge, assuming you mashed with a predetermined amount of strike water based on your usual mash thickness, which of the following do you do 1) Calculate your total Mash volume + Sparge Volume ahead of time, start your sparge at your...