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    honey in Portland

    You mead makers in the Portland metro area should check out the honey vendor at the Gresham farmers market. Three pounds of MT Hood wildflower honey for $8. Three pounds of Meadowfoam (my favorite) for $9. Decent selection and good prices.
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    iris petals instead of rose?

    When my first granddaughter was 3 I brewed a cherry mead (Her name is Cherry) @ 18% to lay down for her 21st birthday. I have a brand new granddaughter named Iris and was wondering if I could use iris petals in a mead instead of the rose petals that some meads are made with.
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    Guess where the old one is going

    My wife has never really been happy with our four year old fridge (too small for one thing) so we recently got a new one. The old one is going in my brew room right next to my dedicated freezer. All the brews I want to age at cellar temp will go in there freeing up the freezer to be an all...
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    using other fruit in a cider

    Does anyone out there add other fruit to their ciders? Like strawberry, cherry, raspberry or anything else? A couple of years ago I used half apple and half pear.
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    brewing again

    After being out of work for over 4 1/2 months I found a good job and now that I have a couple of pay days under my belt I will be brewing again next sunday. Got my stuff today from Bader Brewing (Steve Bader is the guy that does the Replicator column in BYO). I'll be brewing a fresh batch of...