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    Apartment brewers unite!

    yeah i did that and had a hose hooked up to my washer hook up and ran it acrross my apartment. it leaked slightly and went down and ruined the drywall in the peoples apartment below me. they kept complaining about it. the apartment maintence guy came over when i was brewing and i had pumps...
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    water analysis is back!

    I have a similar water profile as yours, except mine has a lower total alkalinity and hardness. mine has a extremly low calcium levels and was creating a muddy sweetness in my beers. People recommended Palmers How To Brew website and I highly recommend you read that and get his spreadsheet for...
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    Thanks for all the advice. I dug up the last water report that was done by my district and it didn't have most of the info that Palmer talks about. However it appears my water has a ph range from 7.2-8.4 (in reading excerpts it averages at 8-8.2 and they are trying to lower it) and the...
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    It's been along time since I posted, but here it goes. Ive been improving my brewing since over the past year and am doing full boil, all grain, starters, controlled fermentation temp, etc. But I did a taste test with a non craft brew drinking friend and was embarassed not from anything he...
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    Holy Crap I think I did it

    Yeah its awesome, I've been striving to get to this level where I could honestly sit this batch next to a microbrew and the homebrew wouldn't be clear. What's really sweet is I'm can't wait to improve even further and all the batches up to this point have been really fun also. Great hobby.
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    Primary Crash Cool

    Last night I cooled my primary down from 60 to 42 to prepare it for kegging. Can I still harvest the yeast cake at the bottom or is that a bad idea?
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    Holy Crap I think I did it

    http://www.thebrewingnetwork.com/jamil.php Hope that link comes through, just click the subsribe from that page. Or you can open itunes and search on the jamil show and subscribe from there. The podcasts are free and really infomative. Some of the stuff I heard about I already knew but...
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    Check my understanding of AG brewing...

    I second the mesh bag on the hose, totally the way to go.
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    Holy Crap I think I did it

    Ok so I've been rabidly downloading all of Jamil's podcasts and listening to them in my sleep, driving, and drinking (not at the same time). After going all grain I have tasted the "potential" for my beer to be awesome, but not what I wanted. Basically I gathered three important themes that I...
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    Drill Driven Impeller Pump

    I want to start whirlpooling my wort in addition to immersion chilling. I was surfing around mcmaster carr for pumps and found a drill driven pump for 10 bucks with garden hose inlets and outlets. Any one use one of these? It's max flow is 6 gpm and max temp is 120, but I might try to push it...
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    What kind of Fittings?

    Im not sure about the hops clogging the 1/4", but I know that alot of pumps have larger suctions and smaller discharges. The manufacterer of the pump may have literature has a pump curve or minimum pipe sizes. Let me know how it works i want to build a whirlpool chiller and was going to have...
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    Counter pressure filler fun

    I bought one similar to Midwest's. The reason I purchased the cfc and not the beergun was price and I understand the science (kind of, lol) of a cfc whereas the beergun doesn't create any counterpressure so im not sure of how it would work. There's alot of people that love them. I think I...
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    Counter pressure filler fun

    So i just got a counter pressure filler. What a PITA. I must be doing something wrong because after 6 bottles with 3 inches of foam at the top and beer all over the floor and my kegerator, I would discribe it as anything but convienent. Is it normal to get beer foam off the pressure release...
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    Black Tea and Beer?

    This is a beer I did with chai tea. I wanted a real malty heavier bodied beer, but it turned out watery think i had a bad mash (probably didn't stir enough or something). The taste is real nice other than the wateriness. Use one tea bag at 5 minutes or at flameout and you will get plenty of...
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    What's up with my water amounts?

    I have the same problem. It seems to make it trickier when I switch between using whole hops and pellets. I use brewsmith, but have stopped using it for my sparge water. I essentially shoot for a 7 gallon boil for whole hops and 6 gallons for pellets, but am still have problems getting it...
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    Have Belgian Yeast, Will Brew...

    I used the wyeast 1762 (90% sure it was that yeast don't have my brew notes on me right now) on a tripel I did. It tasted like rocket fuel after the first 2 months, but after 6 its tasting really fruity and the alcohol taste is almost completely gone. I probably fermented too hot. I say go...
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    Partial Mash Pumpkin Ale

    I have only used Willimette once and its probably a better choice than amarillo, but american hops tend to be on the citrousy side which may not blend with the pumkin. You may want to try styrian goldings, east kent goldings, or fuggles which are more subtle european hops. Just my 2 cents im...
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    What's up with my crappy efficiency?

    How many people out there don't really check? Maybe im a total dope, but I checked my first 2 or 3 batches and saw that I was getting 65 to 70 % efficiency and stopped checking gravity readings. I just plan my grain bill for 70 %. I can't taste the difference between 65% and 70% anyway.:mug:
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    Why not go right to all grain brewing?

    I second that. I started in April of this year doing extract and went allgrain after 2 extracts and 2 partials. Probably have well over 15 brews under my belt including 3 or 4 of my own reciepes. Two of which royally sucked lol, but I learned valuable lessons on every batch. My attitude is...
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    What receipe are you using? Guessing right is yours.