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  1. E-Mursed

    Stainless Steel CFWC

    Saw this in the new Williams catalog. http://www.williamsbrewing.com/STAINLESS-CONVOLUTED-COUNTERFLOW-CHILLLER-P3152C107.aspx I have a 25ft one with rubber hose that works great. Saw this one and it is hard not to fall in love and want to upgrade. Any thoughts on the overall function of this...
  2. E-Mursed

    Jockey Box - Detroit Area Pickup

    Selling my jockey box that I made myself and used once for my grad party this summer. It is constructed using the following: 2 Pass Cold Plate 2 Stainless Steel Taps 2 Shanks Plumbed with Quick Disconnects for Ball Lock Kegs 52 Quart Coleman XTREME Cooler with Wheels and Handle She worked...
  3. E-Mursed

    Jockey Box Tips

    Looking for any tips from people who have used a jockey box in the great outdoors. I have a 2 tap with a 2 channel cold plate in a Coleman 52qt Extreme cooler. I am going to be chilling a case of bottled water in there initially as a spare cooling source. Plan on serving 3 kegs for six hours...
  4. E-Mursed

    Challenger VI gas tube question

    I have 3 Challenger VI kegs with the plastic gas tubes and I want to modify them to accept a metal gas tube. My question is this.... *Should I drill out the hole and use a standard replacement steel gas tube? *Should I drill out the hole and cut down a used liquid tube I have and use it...
  5. E-Mursed

    Closed-system pressurized fermentation - guidlines

    I have put together some spunding valves and I am getting ready to make the jump to a closed-system pressurized fermentation system. My hope is that someone can give me an outline for the pressure steps for both Ales and Lagers. I will be fermenting in 5 gallon Cornelius kegs, I have a keezer...
  6. E-Mursed

    5 Gallon Carboys - Detroit area pick up only

    I am selling four of the 5 gallon glass carboys. They are used, but in great maintained condition. (Cleaned with OXY and stored with Bleach Water) Would like to see these go to a HBT member or lurker. Selling price is $30 each. No negotiation on price. Included with each carboy: Carboy Cap...
  7. E-Mursed

    Chrome Tap Faucet Keg Connection x3

    I have three of the Chrome Tap Faucet Keg Connection for dispensing draft beer from your keg directly FOR SALE. With epoxy mixers added to your kegs dip tube, these would provide a great smooth pour directly from your keg in a compact package. I am asking $20 a piece for the entire faucet...
  8. E-Mursed

    6 Pass Cold Plates

    I have two 6 pass cold plates for sale. Theses were previously used for soda dispensing and would work great in a jockey box serving beer. Pass 1 Pass 2 I am asking $140 OBO for EACH and shipping would be $25 for EACH Send a PM if you have questions or would like to purchase.
  9. E-Mursed

    Wish me luck.....

    Got my new Blichman Beer Gun last week and I am going to be trying it out today. My plan is to bottle 2 full kegs, and 1 half keg. I have some lagers fermenting right now that are going to need to sit in my Keezer for a few weeks, so I need to free up the space.
  10. E-Mursed

    CFWC Question

    I'm looking to upgrade to a CFWC and the one I am looking at is 50ft. long. I know you can run the wort thru a 25ft one using gravity, but will this same method work on the 50ft one with the longer race? Your thoughts appreciated.....
  11. E-Mursed

    My First AG Brew

    Did my first AG brew today and overall it went pretty well. I brewed a Octoberfest/Marzen using a 14 lb. grain bill and my AG brew set up. Success - hit my mash temp right on. Failure - overreached on my sparge volume. I used Brewsmith for the first time and I think I need to tweek it...
  12. E-Mursed

    A Pretty Big F***ing Deal

    I'm not much for tooting my own horn about stuff, but I had a very significant event occur yesterday. As of 3/5/2012 - I am a Registered Nurse *Toot - Toot*
  13. E-Mursed

    pH Meter and Controls

    Selling the following items: Thermoworks Model # 8681 Waterproof pH Meter Auto temperature compensation ensures good accuracy. Dual display shows temperature and pH at the same time with accuracy to ±0.2pH. General Hydroponics Ph 7.0 Calibration Solution[ - 8 Oz General Hydroponics pH 4.01...
  14. E-Mursed

    Oh "hoppy" day...

    Today was a very "hoppy" day.... Big thanks to Hops Shack and kosmokramer for making a big smile on my face possible today!
  15. E-Mursed

    Wort for Starters

    I have gotten all of my all-grain equipment together to brew and want to take on a small scale mash as a trial run before attempting a full brew. My thought is to mash and brew enough wort for 2 gallons of starter wort. I will be pressure canning the resulting wort. I have plenty of 2 row but...
  16. E-Mursed

    Ghetto Brewing - Chill before pitching

    Got my Munich Helles down to 80 before transferring from kettle to carboy. Need to get it down to 60 before pitching my Southern German yeast, so I did what anyone would do in the "hood". Ghetto Chilling....or as we call it "Lagering in the D" :fro: Currently 24 degrees with a 12mph wind.
  17. E-Mursed

    Crates for Beer Bottles

    Found these crates today(1/6/12) at ACO on clearance. The price was marked $5.99 discounted to $3.00 each. They are stackable and hold 30 longneck bottles. Not sure if they are available just local at my ACO, or only in Michigan, or across the entire chain, but worth a look for some solid...
  18. E-Mursed

    Keeged Beer Pull from Keezer

    I have a keg with a little over 3 gallons of Appfelwine that has been sitting in my keezer neglected for the last 2 months. I had kegged it primarily for my wife, but her interest in drinking has been falling off lately. I would like to pull it from the keezer and set it aside till...
  19. E-Mursed

    MLT - Cut or Drill

    I have been reading a lot of the posts on MLT builds and there seems to be a large difference of opinion between cutting or drilling when it comes to manifolds. I have a 52qt Coleman Xtreme that I have converted and I have built my manifold out of CVPC. I have already drilled 3/32 holes every...
  20. E-Mursed

    Arrested man: 48 beers was about 10 too many

    Maybe he was trying to free up some bottles for a batch that needed to be bottled....??? http://www.wtsp.com/news/watercooler/article/197332/58/Arrested-man-48-beers-was-about-10-too-many