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    Fermenting Problems

    Probebly fermented out with a bad seal on the fermenter. You need to take a fg reading just to be sure.
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    When to switch to all grain

    Sounds like all you need is a HLT and possibly another stockpot. I use a cooler with a homemade braid and batch sparge. I heat my strike and sparge water on my stovetop then use my turkey fryer outside. Works great and I get pretty good efficiency.
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    Is autolysis in bottle conditioned beers a concern?

    I've had some high test brews in bottles for over two years that have already peaked but still taste good.
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    twist off bottles for bottling with pryoff caps

    Just buy a six pack here and therfe of pry-offs and you'll have a ton before you know it. That or check your local recycling center. By doing just those two things I have more bottles than I know what to do with.
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    drywall mud mixer to aerate wort?

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Just make sure you sanitize well.
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    Do all autosiphons "suck"?

    Maybe it's co2 offgassing? Mine does the same exact thing and I've never worried about it and never had any off flavors. Except for and infection once. Not the autosiphon's fault.
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    What should we really call ourselves

    X2 All my family calls me an artisan brewer. I call myself a home brewer and my beer home brew though.
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    I'd rather be brewing...

    Listening to inmates yell at county jail.
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    First outdoor LP Brewday Failure - Eastman 90314 burner

    Wind will play a big part in your outdoor boil. The first one I did the wind was blowing moderately strong and I could barely maintain my boil. That's with the 165,000 btu sp10.
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    Opinion on hops to buy in bulk

    I ordered om the fifth and got my order yetserday. Shipping is a little slow, but I'm sure if you needed it faster you could do a faster shipping.
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    Opinion on hops to buy in bulk

    Got my order from hopsdirect yesterday. I'm not embarrised to say holding that much hops at one time gave me wood...........
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    how long can i leave it in the primary

    I've left an ale in primary for a month and a half before. One of my best.
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    Anyone see the prices at hopsdirect

    Just ordered a pound each of cascade, northern brewer, and willamette. I thought this looked like a decent mix for some american and english and possibly german ales? Great prices though I'm waiting on a shipping price....
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    "I am a craft brewer" video

    Sniff Sniff, I'm not crying I swear
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    Belgian 'Session' Ales?

    The only belgian I have made used belgian abbey II. Would this work well with Saccharomyces recipe? I really liked how the beer turned out with this one.
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    Braided hose or Manifold? Which is better?

    I also use a braid in a rectangular cooler. I get consistant 78% efficiency batch sparging.
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    Just brewed my 1st AG - Now I have ?s

    COOLING: 25 ft. may be a bit on the small side. I use a 50 ft. and it cools a full boil very fast. As for not getting it below 70 degrees, what is your ground water temperature? If it's not much below 70 you won't be able to cool past that with your i/c.
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    Efficiency Shoot Up 20 Points.

    just did a 185 spage yesterday and it brought me to 168.
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    safety fryer

    It was gone when I got there....... #@$^#@^ Anybody know where to get one cheap?