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    Adding blueberries?

    I am brewing a 5 gallon batch of pilsner that has been fermenting for about a week. I wanted to add some fresh blueberries for flavor. When and how would I want to add them? And how much? I have brewed with orange peel but have never added fresh fruit to a batch.
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    Holiday ale

    I have brewed my first 5 gallon batch of holiday ale for Christmas gifts..Can I bottle it after two weeks?
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    Too much foam

    Why am I getting to much foamy head on my brew when I pour into a mug? I wasted an entire bottle the other day. I used the standard 5oz priming sugar for a 5 gallon batch on bottling day. To much priming sugar?
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    Sweet orange help

    I am adding sweet orange to a Weizenbier, but I am unsure as to when I add the sweet orange. Do I add it with 10 minutes left in the boil or in the fermenter???
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    Spicing my wheat beer

    I am going to be brewing a "three Weisse guys' wheat beer and I want to give it a unique flavor. At what point do I add the fresh orange zest and coriander to the boil? I was thinking the last 10 minutes of the boil.
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    Cloudy IPA

    I brewed a basic cascade ipa. It turned out well except it did take 5 weeks to prime and is cloudy. Why would the beer finish cloudy? I did use a secondary fermenter for it.
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    Priming question

    I have an ipa that I bottled 3 weeks ago. It was a basic cascade ipa from a brewers best kit. I used the correct amount sugar as directed by the kit and I have a good seal on all the bottles, but the bottles are still not carbonated very well. The beer also remains cloudy. The current...
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    Honey? Help!

    I have a light ale that is just finishing up the primary stage. I am thinking about adding a honey flavor to the brew when I rack it. I did some reading on it and the book a still a little over my beginner's brain. What is the ratio of honey needed add a small flavor to my five gallon batch...
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    Orange flavor

    I was just thinking about adding an orange flavor to an ale I just brewed. I boiled it last night and it is currently bubbling away. Can I add an orange flavor after it has been in the fermenter?
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    Rice syrup solids?

    I am brewing a continental light and it calls for rice syrup solids. What does that do for the beer?
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    No head.

    I brewed a brown ale that sat 3 weeks in primary and two weeks in bottles. The beer tastes great, but has no head at all. I like a little foam on the pour. Is there a reason? Any suggestions on my next brew?
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    I just bottled my first brewers best brown ale and I was wondering how long it takes to carbonate? I used regular 12 ounce bottles. I have some friends coming over this weekend and would like to try it. It was in primary for 3 weeks. Is there a temp I should be storing at?
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    Secondary fermenter

    When do I rack from my primary to the secondary fermenter? I have a Cascade IPA that has Been in primary for a week.
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    How often should I or can I test the gravity level?I feel like I should open the carboys.
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    I am in need of an extract ingredient kit that is flavorful, produces a low IBU and is light in color. I am brewing it as a gift for my father in-law. He isn't exactly sold on craft beer. I want to sell him! Any suggestions on a nice style/kit?
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    I have 3 batches of brew in primary fermenters. I placed them in a room that stays a solid 65 degrees. The room has the most consistent temp, but does have day light and a bit of sunlight early in the morning. I have kept all 3 carboys wrapped in blankets to block out any unnecessary light...
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    I am brewing my first brown ale. Is there a need to use a secondary fermenter? And if so, do I rack it after the airlock shows bubbling has stopped? The recipe said to let it sit for 3-4 days after the bubbling stopped.
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    You know you are a home brewer when...

    Your wife calls you a moron for wrapping your carboy of brown ale in a blanket. Any others :-)
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    Adding hops

    I watched some videos and read some information on adding hops. Some brewers use a hop sock and some don't. Should I always use a hop sock or does it not matter? May be a dumb question but I brew my first batch this weekend.
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    Town water

    What is the deal with using town water to brew beer? I know it has chlorine and other chemicals in it. I have a fresh water spring available or distilled water? What is the recommendation?