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    Individual CO2 regulators?

    I'm buying a house and can finally build a keezer and start kegging my beers instead of bottling. Is there an advantage to being able to regulate the CO2 pressure individually for each keg in the keezer? I suppose some styles benefit from more or less carbonation, but is this capability a bit...
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    Pressure limit of mason jars?

    Has anyone tested a mason jar under pressure (not vacuum) to see if it will handle carbonation pressure without leaking or exploding? I think it's around 30-40psi. I know they are meant for vacuum, but I want to use one as a test jar to know when my beer is done carbonating (let alone...
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    About half of the bottles aren't carbonating... add yeast?

    Having this issue which I've never had before. I brewed a IIPA that ended up being around 10.5% using WLP099 "Super San Diego" yeast. I cold crashed it with gelatin for about 10 days and it really cleared up nicely. It was bottled about 8 weeks ago. At 4 weeks there was little carbonation so I...
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    Building BrewPi... is my plan obsolete?

    I've been using an STC-1000 for years for ferm temp control, and would like to upgrade to BrewPi for the additional features and I want to get into the development board game and learn more about them. I read through a few guides and got the basic idea, however, I'm concerned that the guides...
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    Using your fermentation chamber for bottle conditioning?

    Anyone use there ferm chamber for conditioning? My house has been around 63-65F this winter and my IIPA didn't carbonate after 2 weeks. So I decided to use my ferm chamber (5 cuft chest freezer) to maintain 75F. I have two fermwraps in there connected to my STC-1000 controller. The temp probe...
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    Dry "Hop" with Grapefruit Flesh?

    I'm making a grapefruit pale ale for fun, it's a 8 gallon batch. I zested 4 grapefruits and added the zest at flame out, it gave it a subtle hint of flavor, but not enough. So I was contemplating peeling several grapefruits, around 6 or so, mashing up the flesh, and adding the mashed up flesh...
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    Dry "Hop" with Grapefruit Flesh?

    I'm making a grapefruit pale ale for fun, it's a 8 gallon batch. I zested 4 grapefruits and added the zest at flame out, it gave it a subtle hint of flavor, but not enough. So I was contemplating peeling several grapefruits, around 6 or so, mashing up the flesh, and adding the mashed up flesh...
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    3/4" Tri Clamp Butterfly Valve... do these exist?

    I'm looking for a 3/4" Tri Clamp butterfly valve that looks like the following picture. The reason is because it's short and compact, so it will fit into my fermentation chamber when it's attached to the fermenter. The 3/4" Tri Clamp ball valves, like that below, might be too long.
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    Final Gravity Hydrometer

    Anyone use a final gravity hydrometer? I'd like to add one to my wishlist as I think it would be a valuable addition to my brew hardware. How many of you are glad you got one? Anyone find it unnecessary or not as useful as they thought? I'm debating if that extra accuracy is really worth it.
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    Additions... Mash Volume vs. Batch Volume

    This has been confusing me quite a bit... When I use Bru'n Water to calculate the Water Additions (gypsum, CaCl, etc...) it says to enter my Mash Volume. I compute the salt additions to meet the target mineral profile in this volume of water. However, as I boil the wort, the water is leaving...
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    IIPA... Lingering Bitterness

    I brewed a IIPA (recipe below) 11 days ago and tasted it for the first time tonight while dry hopping. It tastes pretty good but there is a lingering bitterness that lasts for several minutes after tasting. I'm 90% sure it's due to the amount of hops. My question is whether or not it will mellow...
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    Hop Bags for Boil, Clogging with Break Material

    I like using a bag to hold the hops in the boil especially for big IIPA's where there can be up to a pound of hops in the boil alone. This translates into a significant volume of trub and lost beer. However, I have tried both Wilserbrewer and Home Depot paint strainer bags and both seem to get...
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    Speidel 30L Volume Markings

    Today I made volume markings on my Speidel 30L fermenter. Others have done this already and posted pictures, and I've compared their markings and some do not match. So I went ahead and did it myself for confidence. I measured out 1 gallon of water at a time by weight (3785g) at room temp and...
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    Adjusting mash pH without a ph meter?

    Is it pointless to try to adjust my mash pH without having a pH meter?Or should I have confidence in the numbers that Bru'n Water is spitting out? I'm brewing a IIPA this weekend, 8 gal batch, 11.52 gal of mash water (I do full-volume BIAB). The calculator is telling me to add 6.7 mL of...
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    Need Sanity Check on my Water Calcs

    This is my first time adjusting my water and don't want to screw it up because I'm brewing a IIPA with an expensive grain and hop bill. I do BIAB so there will be no sparge water. I mash in the full volume of water. For this batch, the water volume is 11.52 gallons to yield 8 gallons into the...
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    Mash pH vs. target profile

    I got my brew water tested so now I want to try to target a water profile and mash pH. Here is my current understanding of the process, please correct me if I'm wrong... I add salts of various kinds to hit the desired level of ions as best I can. There is some give and take here since a...
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    Using Campden Tablets

    I've been brewing for a few years but have never used Campden tablets which are meant to remove chlorine from the water. Most of my brews have had an inexplicable "twang" off-flavor, it tastes plastic-y. I've been doing a little research on these tablets but there is a LOT of mixed information...
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    Bottling in a Growler

    I have 2 swing-top growlers from Russian River that I would like to utilize. I have read that growlers aren't good because the screw-on caps will leak and the bottle could explode. Others say it's fine. The growlers I have aren't your typical growler, they are pretty beefy with swing tops. I...
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    How to use my first water report?

    I sent a water sample to Ward and here are my results... I am familiar with the concept of targeting specific water profiles using additives. However, I see that there are water profiles for certain European cities/areas and I have no idea how to relate these to what I am actually brewing...
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    No-chill Fermenter of 7-10 gallons?

    Are there any good sources for no-chill fermenters that can hold 7-10 gallons and can handle high wort temps? Most of the go-to ones only hold 5 gallons. I'd prefer to use the same container for chilling as I do for fermenting.