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    Haier 7.1 cu ft keezer dead...

    After only 3 years of use, my 7.1 cu ft Haier has died. Anyone else have a similar issue? Debating whether or not I should buy another Haier. My gut tells me no I should not, however looking for info from other users. Thanks, opXus
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    Pin Lock - Air Disconnect Not Locking

    I put my 3rd keg into my new keezer, and am having some trouble. I have PIN LOCK kegs, and when i slide the air disconnect onto the keg, it goes on ok, however i cannot get the collar to "lock" on. So I cannot carb or serve. If I hold the disconnect down I can get beer through the line...
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    Apple Wine/Cider w/Brewers Best Cider House

    Question for you experts out there, this is my first wine/cider. I have done 15-20 beers or so. Started with fresh apple cider and added 5 lbs of sugar. Added campden tabs, waited 24 hrs, then added Brewers Best Cider House Yeast. My question is this.... it has been about 48 hrs after...
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    Info on Apple wine (noob)

    Hello all, I am new to winemaking. I have been making beer for awhile and would like to try something in addition. I will have the ability to get FRESH pressed apple cider in october. Just looking for some info. I read the sticky about apfelwein and just had some questions. 1) With using...
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    Yeast starter for Hefe

    So I brewed a rather standard hefeweizen, and made a simple 1L starter, using Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan. I ended up with about 5G of wort into the fermenter. Added the yeast starter, temperature around 70 degrees, and within 24 hours I had a rather significant blowoff. This stuff is insane. I...
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    Mango Saison Learning curve

    So I brewed a Saison about 3 weeks ago, and today I added the mango that I planned on adding. Well I always ferment for 4 weeks in a carboy. Well for some reason I thought the opening on the carboy was larger than it actually is. Hopefully this beer turns out alright as I was forcing...
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    Big Beer! Fermentation.... WOW

    So I decided that I wanted to make a big beer. I have maybe 8 total batches under my belt. 1 of them extract, the last 7 being all grain. (yes im a beginner) The largest beer i made ended up around 6.5%. (sorry I forget the OG). I wanted something big so 11/10 I brewed up a nice belgian tripel...
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    Belgian Tripel how to measure OG?

    I plan on brewing a Belgian Tripel in the not too distant future. If I brew and place wort in the primary and add the yeast, then wait a few days to a week and then add in candi sugar, how to I measure the OG? I mean I know how to measure the gravity, however how do you calculate the ABV if...
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    Low ABV need help! First AG.

    OK so I brewed my first AG. The ABV seems to be low by about 1%. Hopefully you can tell me this is just a rookie mistake and can tell me where i went wrong. Brewed the Caribou Slobber (AG) kit from northern brewer. Roughly 10lbs of grain. Forget the quantities (forgot to write down) of...
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    Wort chiller question

    Has anyone dealt with NYBrewSupply? Just curious. Looking to buy a wort chiller due to high cost of copper. Seems like it may be about the same money with less hassle. I AM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS COMPANY. Other suggestions for where to buy would be appreciated. Thanks, Opus X
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    Experience with this company?

    Anyone have any experience with NYBrewSupply? http://www.nybrewsupply.com/ They have what appears to be some decent priced wort chillers. With the prices i'm finding for 3/8" copper tubing it seems to make sense to just buy one. For a 3/8" x 25' copper chiller with garden hose adapters...