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    Does Anyone Use All Dry Malt Extract?

    I have some left over ingredients that I want to use to make my next 5 gallon batch. I've never used dry malt extract before other than to make yeast starters. Is it possible to make a wort from entirely dry malt extract, no syrup at all? :confused:
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    1 Year Old Starter - Tastes Great! How about 100+ years.

    So, I made a starter (out of two crappy Mr. Beer dry yeast packets) last April a few days before an upcoming planned "brew day". Well, that day came and went and I just go so busy with so many other things I kept thinking - I need to get that beer brewed. Fast forward to earlier this month...
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    BB Kits - Prices Skyrocketing

    Has anyone noticed that the price of BB kits has been SKYROCKETING ? The prices in the 08 Northern Brewer catalog (that I just got a month ago) are like 15% less than the online pricing now. Almost across the board on all the ingredients too. Rising energy prices to blame? Hops...
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    Sunday 7:14 AM, and I'm BUZZIN'

    Well, I get up everyday around 4:00 AM - doesn't matter what day it is, it's my schedule and I'm a morning person. I own my own small business and this is the best time (the morning) to get un-interrupted time with paperwork, etc. Well, this morning I just got done installing our new...
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    I can't believe it - Troegs' Nantucket Nectar 1/2 bbl

    My cousin and I were just enjoying a draft last weekend at a local watering hole. Well, I love the stuff and I just had to have it on tap. $ 215.00 dollars later I have a half on order for delivery this Friday. The last keg locally for another year. Even the cases are hard to find now...
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    Solving for unknown F.G. - algebra

    Let's get right to the chase...... If I know my O.G. and I know my approximated final ABV% - I should be able to solve for the unknown - which in this case is the F.G. You see, I don't have a recipe for this batch but I was able to calculate the approximate final ABV by adding up the...
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    5/16" or 1/2" auto siphon for 6.5 G carboy

    Please forgive the noobs questions but I'm about to place an order for an auto-siphon and want to be sure I get the right thing. If I'm going to be siphoning out of my 6.5 G glass carboy (primary) into a 5 G glass carboy for secondary - would it be easier with the larger 1/2" auto-siphon...
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    Method of measuring F.G. from primary

    If I extract a sample from primary (using a wine theif) to measure my SG, do you need to mix the contents at all first or is it a fairly homogenous mixture without much stratifying? I'll be needing to check my IPA in a few days and I want to get an accurate reading from my hydrometer.
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    I didn't remove the hops B/4 Primary

    Looking over my steps of my first 5 gal. batch I realized that I left both the bittering and the finishing hops in my wort when I poured it into my primary. Did I just make an EEEEE.S.B. ? Instead of an IPA.
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    6.5 Bung Stopper/airlock Question

    So, last night was my first brewsession! When I inserted the bung and air lock the fit was slopped on my 6.5 gallon carboy. When I say sloppy I mean it was kinda "loose" from what I imagined. Both the stopper and the airlock were wet so they slid easily up and down in each other and the...
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    SG of Tap Water

    Well as the scale tips up on the wallet side and down on the equipment side my homebrewing equipment arsenal gets larger. After my 3rd trip to my LHBS in as many weeks I continue to "hone" my skills with my new found love for all-things-laboratory. By 2009 you can call me "Beaker"! My...
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    Pelletized Hops - Muslin Bag or Loose?

    I've been steeping my grains in muslin bags but I want to brew this morning and I'm out of muslin bags for the hops. I've never used pelletized hops before but I've always put the whole hops in a muslin bag as well. That's been nice b/c it keeps things tidy. Finally, my question is this -...
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    5 gallon buckets at Lowes, OK?

    I know that the "Ale Pail" buckets contained in homebrewing kits are PET or foodgrade plasic. Does anyone know if the Lowes / HD pails are also PET plastic? If not, could they at least be used for a sanitizing pail for bottles and equipment if properly cleaned first? Is anyone else...
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    Portable color chart - on clear film?

    I did search the forums before I decided to post this question. I did a broad search on the internets ;) too and found nothing. Is there a color chart that you can purchase that is translucent to hold next to your beer to measure SRM? I see lots of color charts available to view onscreen...
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    Tap water in the airlock?

    Do you use tapwater in your airlock or sanitzed water, or any other "specialty water". Just curious, I've never heard any mention of what type.
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    Air Lock vs. Blow Off

    So, as I browse through the subject matter I notice that some people are having midnight "explosions" when their airlock becomes clogged with the foam / debris. I'm about to put my first batch to IPA into my carboy (now demarked nicely with gallon graduation marks on the side, thanks to...
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    5 Gallon measurement height on a 6.5 gallon carboy

    Forgive the noob question (I've had a string of them) but can anyone shed light on the measured height of the 5 gallon mark on a 6.5 gallon carboy. I'm sure each carboy is a little different in diameter but I doubt they are THAT different that it wouldn't be a somewhat standard height...
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    Aeration / Oxygenation while transferring from kettle

    As a relatively newby brewer I had a question concerning something that I read recently about getting oxygen in your wort. I've heard that allowing the oxygenation of your wort while transferring it from the brew kettle to 1st fermenting carboy is "GOOD" for it. Can someone explain...
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    So, how much (if any) money does brewing save?

    Forgive the newbie question but after plopping down a few bucks on various parts of my operation which, by the way, is no where near completion - I began to contemplate all the costs involved. Don't get me wrong, I didn't get into homebrewing to save money. I was just wondering if anyone...