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    old DME in starter?

    Hey guys, I am getting back into brewing after a 3-4 year hiatus and have a question about starters. I have some old dry malt extract that hasn't been opened in it's original packaging from 3-4 years ago and I want to use that for my yeast starter. Is this ok since it's just the starter? BTW...
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    strong rotten egg smell in starter

    I made a .6 gallon starter with WLP833 German Bock Lager Yeast about a week ago. A few days ago I put it in the fridge. Today I pulled it out of the fridge, poured most of the beer off the top so I could step it up. After I poured the liquid off, I let it rise to room temp for about 3-4 hours...
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    oxidation issues

    I'm not a noob but my issue probably seems like one...I recently sent 5 beers to a competition and 2 of the beers had comments about oxidation. I have been brewing for 3 years and have continued to improve much of my process during brew day but have neglected bottling. I was bottling a beer a...
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    what do you use to shield the wind?

    Hi, I'm looking for some ideas on how to block the wind from my propane burner. I was test driving my new hurricane burner today and had some issues. First was an intense burning smell which I guess was paint. It stopped after a while. I was able to get a blue flame with orange tips only...
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    hurricane burner

    The description of the hurricane burner states that it is 60,000 BTUs at 1 psi. Does this mean that it is going to use less propane than another burner? Thanks. Charlie
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    my propane burner isn't what it used to be

    So I have been using the Bayou Classic for about a year now, and it seems that alot of you use the same one. Here it is: Bayou Classic Single Burner Outdoor Patio Stove - SQ14 at The Home Depot Lately the burner has been easily blown out by very little wind. I try to block the wind with...
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    yeast starter question

    Last Saturday I made a .75 gallon starter using washed yeast (1056) from a batch about 4 months ago. It was slow to start (which was expected) but I was hoping it would be done for me to brew on Wednesday (4 days). Well it is Tuesday and it is at high krausen. I don't want to put all of the...
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    diluting wort pre-boil

    I was making a 4 gallon batch of pilsner (the big carboy won't fit in the freezer) a few days ago and ended up with less preboil volume than I wanted. I ended up with only 5 gallons and I know my boil off rate would make me end with about 3.75 so I added one quart of water before I boiled. Is...
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    using distilled water then adding salts

    I'm brewing a hefe tomorrow for the first time but my water at home has 112 bicarbonates HCO3. I was planning on blending my water with distilled water (75 distilleded/25 home) but Palmer's spreadsheet still says that my SRM should be between 4 and 9. Beersmith says that my corlor is 3.5...
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    water treatment (again)

    This has been one of the hardest things to grasp as an all-grain brewer. The 5.2 buffer has been an easy way out, but I want to start brewing by matching a water profile to the style of beer I am brewing. I have read many articles and sections of books about water but I am still unclear about...
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    new to lagers

    So I have some pretty basic lager questions, but rather than post 20 of them here can someone point me to a book or website dedicated to teaching about lagers? I did a search here and came up with a few things, but not a whole lot. Thanks. Charlie
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    chest freezer transportation

    My luck is finally here, I have a relative that is getting a new chest freezer and giving away their old one. The only problem is how to get it from their house to mine (approximately 80 miles). I own a Toyota Matrix which has a decent size hatchback, but I don't think it would fit standing...
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    water treatment

    Hey guys...I have brewed about 20 successful all grain batches. I normally brew ambers to stout stout with the 5.2 buffer from five star. I am now thinking about brewing a hefe and a pilsner but my water is better for darker beers. Since I use the 5.2 buffer, do I even need to worry about...
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    bottling a fruit beer

    I have brewed a raspberry wheat which I am about to bottle. Recipe: 7 lbs. US 2-Row 3 lbs. white wheat malt 1 oz. saaz 60 min .5 oz. saaz 20 min 1 whole can (3 lbs.) Oregon raspberry puree added to secondary OG: 1.057 FG: 1.009 1 week primary 2 weeks secondary 1 week tertiary...
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    yeast washing

    So I did my first yeast washing on June 6 using the directions on the sticky. It went great and yesterday I made a yeast starter for my brew tomorrow. I can't believe how fast this thing took off. I'm really surprised by the amount of krausen on top. It's Wyeast 1056 and normally only about...
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    star san

    I have used One step for years with no problem at all but decided to buy some star-san since it comes in larger quantities. This stuff really foams up which is probably great for get into all of the cracks but all of the foam is still on my equipment when I take it out. The bottle specifically...
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    which class to beer in competition?

    I have brewed an amazing beer from a recipe off of Zymurgy or Brew (I can't remember which one it was) called Dragon's Milk. This is the first time I'm thinking about entering in a competition (Kentucky State Fair) and I don't know which class to enter it in. Here is the recipe: 11.5 lbs...
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    question about using candi sugar

    I am making a Belgian Tripel soon and I plan on using 2 lbs. of candi sugar after a few days of fermentation. How do I use this stuff? It looks like rocks. After placing this in water, is it going to dissolve? I was told to boil this for 15 minutes in a small amount of water. How much is a...
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    VWR Thermometer

    I have had 2 or 3 bbq thermometers die on me because they are not designed to be placed in liquid, not to mention sitting in a mash for an hour accidentally getting the wire wet. I bought a VWR thermometer on the recommendation of someone on this board and I absolutely love it. I checked the...
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    Belgian Triple recipe

    I want to try a Belgian Triple next time I brew. Does anyone have some good recipes for me to try? I found one in the most recent edition of Zymurgy which looks very simple and delicious. Here is the recipe: 12 lb pilsner malt .5 lb wheat malt 1.25 lb candy sugar .95 oz EKG 90 min 1.25...