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    Just saw an episode of the trash er... reality show exterminators where they had to clean out an evicted apt. of a homebrewer--I have no Idea how the guy made anything in that nasty place....anyone else see it?
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    What style does this approach?

    My own concotion : 7lbs munstons' Dark dried spray malt extract 1lb clover honey 1 lb 60L crystal malt 2 oz 4.8% centinnial hps (boil) 8 oz 14% of some type i forget-buddy had a pound in his freezer and i forget what type they were (boil) 2 oz saaz hops (aroma) WLP European Ale yeast...
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    pyrex fermenter

    have a buddy that was interested in the hobby a year or so ago, so i told him i would show him how to do it....i told him what he needed (carboy etc). He comes up with a pyrex 5 gallon fermentator.....I have no idea how much this is worth (he had it salvaged from a lab that went out of...