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    Florida Pinlock kegs

    I have 7 pinlock kegs with 3 gas and 3 liquid disconnects. One of them is missing the large o-ring, I haven't used these in a long time I would assume that they may need all new O-rings. Some do hold pressure still though. $150 for all. Located on Merritt Island FL. right next to the...
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    Florida 7 pinlock kegs

    I have 7 pinlock kegs with 3 gas and 3 liquid disconnects. One of them is missing the large o-ring, I haven't used these in a long time I would assume that they may need all new O-rings. Some do hold pressure still though. $150 for all. Located on Merritt Island FL. right next to the...
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    Best beer line cleaner

    I had a spiced cider on tap that had cinnamon in it. I did a quick flush with star San before tapping another beer. The new beer tastes like cinnamon and apple. I swapped taps and it's definitely in the lines. It is a pain in the butt to clean beer lines so I'm curious what people recommend. I...
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    No distilled water available & I want to brew

    Just like the title says, even if I could find the water most places are only letting you buy two jugs and I need about 9 gallons. My water at home is not the greatest but I would still like to try to brew something I am bored to death. I have the ingredients for the following recipes available...
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    Help my hefe

    I brewed the byo hefeweizen recently. It was my first beer on my new clawhammer ebiab. This is also the first time I've done a step mash on a hefe. I fermented at 62 using a wyeast 3056 starter. My og was 1044 and was supposed to be 1049. It fermented for 10 days and I let the temp free rise...
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    Florida Brutus style brewery

    Brutus style brewery with a single March pump, 3 burners, camlocks, false bottom, 2 sight glasses. The hlt is set up to whirlpool. I will also throw in a couple of carboys if you want them. I have brewed hundreds of batches on the rig since I built it. I am only selling it because I simply...
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    Switching from 3 vessel to ebiab

    I have been brewing on a traditional 3 vessel (kegs) propane rig with a pump for about 15 years. I like it but don't like all the cleaning and space the system takes. I live in florida and it's way to hot to brew in the garage so I have been brewing outside in the backyard where I have a pool...
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    Outdoor brewery

    I have a painted steel 3 vessel single tier brewstand with a pump. I currently keep it in my garage and thats where I brew. I also live in Florida and it gets extremely hot in my garage so brewing in there is fairly miserable. I want set up my rig in my backyard where i have a pool, tiki hut...
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    Coffin vs. Keezer temp.

    I just finished my build and after adding dual fans and insulating the hell out of the coffin I have a 5 degree difference between the keezer and coffin. It was 8 degrees before I used foam insulation to fill as much dead space as possible and I built a U shaped channel funneling air coming in...
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    I need a 12 volt usb charger

    Just like the title says. I bought a set of three speed computer fans that run off one USB charger. All of the Chargers I've found are nowhere near 12 volts so even on high speed they aren't moving as much air as I hoped. I'm testing them now on my new keezer with a coffin and it is staying 10...
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    Ferm cap after the boil

    I accidentally added 1 drop of ferm cap after I boiled my yeast starter instead of before. I then added the yeast and put it on my stir plate. It appears to be fermenting but has no Krausen at all. Will this be a problem? I was hoping to brew today or tomorrow and hate to make a special trip to...
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    Starter from dregs

    I'm doing a sip of sunshine clone soon. I saved the dregs from 4 cans of heady topper and dumped them into a 1020 starter. 2 days later it appeared to have finished fermenting so I decanted and added some 1040 wort. How many times do I need to step this up for a 5 gallon batch of sos?
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    Pid controlled chest freezer is possessed

    I had a keg of kolsch on gas and a half of a case of bottles in my chest freezer lagering at 35 degrees. Everything was fine for several weeks when I noticed the pid was reading minus 2 degrees. I opened the freezer to find exploded bottles and the keg frozen solid. The pressure relief valve...
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    Heady topper, sip of sunshine, Julius & sap yeast

    I was fortunate enough to have someone bring a cooler full of these wonderful beers to Florida for me. I am pretty sure the heady and sos use conan a yeast and I have been saving the dregs from them. I haven't found the yeast strain used in Julius and sap and also if I can harvest whatever it...
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    Sparge or kettle water adjustments

    I use brewers friend and brew with distilled water. Since I started using brewers friend I have been making water adjustments to the mash only and my beer turns out good. I'm wondering if I should be treating my sparge water or adding anything to the kettle? Before using brewers friend I was...
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    Florida 18.1 c.f. chest freezer

    I have a used Kenmore 18.1 c.f. chest freezer I need to get rid of. I used it for a fermentation chamber and bought the biggest one I could find. It turns out I never need to ferment more than 10 gallons at a time so I bought a smaller freezer to save space in my garage. It does have a dent in...
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    Making a fridge colder

    My kegorator is a standard fridge on the bottom with a freezer on top. I keep it outside on my screened in patio and the fridge won't chill my beer below 42-43F. Normally this is fine but it's hot here in Florida most of the year and I'd rather have my beer pour at around 38. Would a simple...
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    US05 or Nottingham ale yest

    I'm making austin homebrew special holiday ale today. I had most of the ingredients on hand so I didn't order the kit. When I bought the kit it came with White Labs East Coast ale yeast. I currently have a pale ale fermenting in my chest freezer at 65° using us 05. I'm thinking I should use the...
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    Maris otter - Cascade smash

    I had an unfortunate accident the other day and lost a nearly full keg of tropical lager. My beer fridge is outside on a patio and the wind blew a picture off the fridge striking the tap handle. Talk about bad luck. Anyhow now I am down to just one beer on tap that I really don't like. I want to...
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    Coconut porter problem

    I made Austin homebrews all grain coconut porter recently and it has no flavor. After primary it tasted amazing but after secondary and the coconut it has hardly any flavor and no Coconut flavor at all. The recipe called for the coconut in secondary for about 4 days but since I couldn't taste it...