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  1. J

    Grain spill

    So a little bit ago today, I saw that a bag off grain had fallen over and spilled in the garage. I just scooped it into a bucket. Think its still good to use? The garage floor is dry, I'm just not sure what's been on the garage floor or is mice were messing with and things like that.
  2. J

    Triumph hops?

    So, I ordered a 1/2 lb of these last year just out of curiosity, and haven't gotten around to using them yet. I'm thinking I'm going to throw into something soon, but I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with them. I haven't been able to find any good homebrewer reviews. Based on...
  3. J

    Favorite Malt Liquor?

    I'm drinking some hurricane that someone gave me, and I'm honestly pleasantly surprised. I need to get a clone recipe. It made me wonder what your go to malt liquor is, or was. I used to be a bit time Mickeys guy, but this might be my new go to cheap stuff from time to time.
  4. J

    Strawberry problems?

    So, I've brewed a lot of strawberry beers and generally they turn out great, but my last two strawberry beers have had some weird off flavors. I'm getting a plasticky bandaid thing. I think the difference is that these last two batches were with produce section strawberries as oppose to fresh...
  5. J

    Cookies and cream dream beer?

    I had a dream last night that I was at some fancy place with a cookies and cream Scottish ale. I really want to make this now. I was think a stout instead, but any ideas on how to makes this beer? I was thinking a milk stout with a bunch of oreos, but maybe there's a better way.
  6. J

    Zokop burner

    I ordered one of these a couple weeks ago, because it was a sweet deal. 70 bucks after tax and free shipping. I just arrived and looks pretty nice. Does anyone have any experience with these? Hope it works as good as it looks.
  7. J

    Think you could brew with this? Just curious.

    https://nutripetpak.com/products/lactic-acid-yeast-100-wafers?variant=16875870847043¤cy=USD&utm_campaign=gs-2020-01-31&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-Mr0BRDyARIsAKEFbef1DjC4DW_79c5jM6lgGMJowhq6fMKvmAmE9NqEBfhU39QFydEak-gaAu28EALw_wcB Saw this lactic acid yeast...
  8. J

    1 pack of S-189, enough?

    So, I have one pack of S-189 dry lager yeast with a best by date of 11/19. I was planning to brew a beer with it with an OG around 1.044-.047 range. Will I be okay with the one packet? I see a lot of mixed info about how many dry yeast packs to use for lagers. Some say more some say it doesnt...
  9. J

    Stomach bug ruining my homebrew

    I had a stomach bug last week (a real one, not a drank too much one) It came on a little slow, and now the beers I have on tap are a little harder to drink. They aren't my best brews, but they also seem to trigger that sensory response a little bit, that makes me go, "last time I drank this I...
  10. J

    Multibrew brew days

    Does anyone else brew like this? Due to kids, work, and life in general, I typically only get to brew once every couple months. So I've started brewin 3 beers at once to keep the keg lines full. Anyone else do this, and if so, any tips? I've gotten pretty good at it, but I'm always looking for...
  11. J

    Oops! All Beeries - purple pale ale

    Had an idea for something. I've heard of people using kids cereals before, so I thought this would be fun. Used loral hops too, because I kept reading about how they tasted like fruity pebbles.
  12. J

    Too much priming sugar, possible solution?

    So I haven't bottled in a while, but today I bottled the 2 halves of a split batch I did. I forgot they were split batches for a minute and accidentally added a full batch worth of priming sugar to each batch. Right after I finished capping I realized what is done, so I went through and loosened...
  13. J

    Kress Zwickle

    Does anyone know anything about this beer? I guess I could google it, but I was just wondering if anyone on here is familiar with this one. I got it in my beer advent calendar, and was pleasantly surprised. The yeast character was kinda fruity. I kinda want to find out what type of yeast its is...
  14. J

    Immersion water heater for mini mash tun

    I want to make a small set up for doing the occasional half batch on the side while I'm doing my full on brewday. Would this immersion element work for heating mash water for a 2-3 gallon batch...
  15. J

    Video game question? Trying to remember a title

    So, this is the only forum on the whole internet that I'm a member of, so sorry for being off topic. I was hoping someone could help me. Earlier this year a game came out that I wanted to play, but I cant remember what it's called. It was a FPS space video game. It looked like a funny game with...
  16. J

    I like this beer

    I like this beer
  17. J

    Thai PA

    I've started working on a beer idea mostly because I thought the name was fun. The picture show was I've got to work with (I know the coconut should probably be unsweetened, but this is what I have.) Any hop recommendations? I was planning to list dona simple 2 row, rice, and crystal 60 grain...
  18. J

    How long to dry bean

    Making a coffee beer. How long should I dry bean for?
  19. J

    Papaya Enzyme in brut IPA

    This may be a bad idea, but I'm going to brew another brut IPA, and had a thought of how to capture the champagne crispness I've been looking for. I've been able to get mine down to 1.000 or so but I feel like it could be crisper and dryer. I was thinking and using an enzyme with lots protease...
  20. J

    Name that plant!

    What is this? Anyone know?