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    Grog Tag Damage

    I just use my fingernail to carefully peel a corner of the label. They seem to come off pretty easy for me without any damage so far. Make sure you save the original sheet that you pull it off of. That way you can put it back on the sheet for later use.
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    Help! My 1y/o kid just shoved a salad tongs into a carboy, backwards.

    Thank god no one is left around here at work. They would all think I've gone bat **** crazy with how hard I've been laughing reading through this thread. EPIC!
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    My first batch

    After about 6 days I racked to a 5 gallon secondary carboy. Pretty happy with the flavor so far. SG at this point was 1.020.
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    My first batch

    Hello all! I'm new to this forum and home brewing in general. Although I am experienced in home wine making. However I got tired of waiting for my wine to mature and decided to give home brewing a shot. My first home brew is an ESB and I used Extract as well as some specialty grains that I...
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    Cleaning a brand new Corny Keg

    Got a beautiful new Italian Corny Keg and wasn't sure if any special cleaning procedures were required? Will a soak in PBW be enough to get it clean and remove any oils left over from manufacturing? I plan on using StarSan to sanitize right before kegging as well.
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    Show Us Your Label

    My new "Extra Special Bitter" label and the final printed product with custom bottle caps from Grogtag