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    Worst brewing wound

    I was carrying about 6 gallons of hot wort that had just finished boiling and I happened to slip as I was walking up the stairs. Of course, my only concern was not dropping the day's work, so I managed to not drop the beer, but in the process a crap load of it splashed all over the place...
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    Homebrewing in NJ ILLEGAL w/o permit!!!

    I just wrote my law review article on arbitration (obviously not the same as homebrewing) but preemption of state law by federal law was a big deal in the note. Virtually all state arbitration laws have been held by the U.S. Supreme Court to be preempted by the Federal Arbitration Act. I'd...
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    Homebrewing in NJ ILLEGAL w/o permit!!!

    Practice a little civil disobedience - don't obey it and hope they catch you doing so. Then challenge the law (preempted by Fed. homebrewing law).
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    Any other backpacking/outdoor enthusiasts?

    reioutlet.com and mgear.com also have good deals.
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    Any Guitar Players? Beginner's Question

    Just go to your local guitar store and ask them for some medium gauge electric strings and let them pick something out for you. It should work fine. Lighter gauge are better for more lead guitar type stuff (better bend, easier to fret) and heavier gauge are better for rhythm guitar or heavy...
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    Balls or Pinz

    Maybe that's why I get along better with ball locks.:mug:
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    Balls or Pinz

    Get balls. he he.
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    World Cup???

    Yeah, that dive in the box was pretty spectacular. However, the idiot aussie shouldn't have slid - he had help behind and had completely cut off the attacker's angle AND they were playing with a man up - they would have tired Italy out in the OT. However, I'd like to nominate Theirry Henry...
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    World Cup???

    That game was truly embarassing. Bruce Arena is an idiot and better not be the coach next time around. What kind of a moron comes out in a 4-5-1 in a must win game against a team that has lost its two strikers and we've lost two defenders. Hell, throw out a 3-5-2 and take it to them...
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    Wild Brew

    when you adjusted the pressures, did you purge the keg? (pull the little metal thing at the top?)
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    The answer is yes. Whether or not the wine bottles will hold up depends on the volumes of CO2 you put in the beer. I have a big belgian (4 vols CO2) in champagne bottles with corks right now. P.S. use plastic instead of real cork to avoid the need for special machinery and potential loss due...
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    Brew experiments

    I experimented with some hopless beer in college. It was called Schlitz and Colt 45.
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    Double Bastard Ale

    I'm so confused right now.
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    beer laws

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preemption_(law) is a pretty decent reference. Preemption is a fairly complicated legal field, but its concepts aren't that difficult to understand generally. You can also search preemption in the field of arbitration to see how it has been applied to one...
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    World Cup???

    I can only hope that the US's performance was a fluke and the real team will show up for the games against Italy and Ghana. The only upside is that only one of the goals (the last one) was earned - the rest were caused by extremely poor defense (no marking on the 6'7" man-child in the box on...
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    beer laws

    The states still friggin amaze me. I checked Utah's beer law (just for fun, because I knew the crazy mormons would have a more stringent beer law) and sure enough, they have attempted to withdraw the federal homebrew exception. It's called preemption. Every state should get a law professor...
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    Well it's official

    Have you given the starter some good swirlings? I had a similar situation here in AR in the middle of the summer last year. It took a good amount of time to get any activity and I had to swirl the mixture periodically to try to keep the little yeasties trying, but eventually (like 3 days or...
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    Kiss Ipa

    I don't know that an IPA could be done with only one variety of grain. I'd be interested to see a recipe that only calls for one variety. For me, I like hops as much as the next person, but what I don't like is the overwhelming flavor of a single strain of hops (e.g. Bigfoot Barleywine or...
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    My own recipe

    My advice - find an experienced brewer and have that person be your partner. You take care of the food, they will take care of the beer. I plan on opening my own brewpub in 5 years or so and will be partnering up with someone to do the food. Think of it this way - you just went to school...