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    4 tap keezer-CO2 regulator questions

    So I'm building a 4 tap keezer. Have the perlicks, freezer, building materials, etc. I'm turning my attention to CO2. I have 5lb CO2 tank and a double gauge regulator (cant remember the brand. has a blue body and came from a Danby kegerator I believe). I know I definitely don't want just a 4-way...
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    Barley Crusher Crank

    Just got my new Barley Crusher from N. Brewer. The crank was difficult it get on, but I was able to do it. Now I want to take it off to test out the drill and it won't budge. Anyone else had this issue? I don't want to start whacking away with a hammer to get the damn thing off.
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    Pre-chiller efficiency w/ plate chiller

    So I have a plate chiller which works pretty nicely. Brings the temps down to within a few degrees of groundwater temps. Problem is that during the summer the ground water temps are 72F+. I don't want to pitch at 76F. I already have an old 25' 3/8'' IC, which I'm thinking of making into a...
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    Calling all blenders

    So who does this? Tell us about it. I think it would be awesome to have a whole load of carboys of sour beer around of various types and ages to blend and bottle as I please. Any homebrewers out there so adventurous as to make gueuze complete with figuring out the quantity of young lambic to put...
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    Capturing/Isolating Brett

    Anyone done it? What is the best way, time, etc? I think capturing and keeping my own strain of Brett would be super badass. I think I could get a microbiologist to help me out.
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    Which Wheat?

    I'm going to order a 50lb sack of wheat to use in brewing all kinds of styles-hefe, wit, berliner, weizenbock, a little bit in my APAs, etc. My options are the following: 1. Briess White Wheat 2. Briess Red Wheat 3. Munton's Wheat 1 & 2 are the same price and 3 is about $8 more...
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    Starter Timing

    So I want to brew a 1.060 stout on Monday. I am going to make a starter with my relatively fresh vial of WLP001. How should I time this? Currently I'm thinking, make it tomorrow afternoon and put it on the stirplate for about 48 hrs, then put it straight into the fridge for about 48 hrs. Take it...
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    All Brett B Pitching Rates

    I got a Wyeast pack of Brett B. I've heard lager pitching rates are appropriate. Has anyone played around with different pitching rates using it as a primary yeast? If so, how did ester production change? Attenuation? What is the cell count in one of the Wyeast Brett packs anyway? I'm fairly...
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    What all Brett B beer to make?

    I have a packet of Wyeast Brett B. I want to make a beer using just it. I've read up a fair amount on pure Brett ferms. Any suggestions of what to make? I have lots of Dingeman's 2row, pils, and Briess 2-row, and a lot of specialty malts. Also, I will probably want to reuse the yeast cake for...
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    Want to brew tomorrow, no starter

    So I want to brew tomorrow, but have no yeast. So if I pick up a vial/pack tomorrow and mix up a little starter and throw it on the stirplate just before brewing, 5-6 hours later come pitching time how will I be doing on cell count? Pretty close to proper pitching rates for a 1.045 ale?
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    Unmalted Wheat

    So you are supposed to use unmalted wheat in your lambics eh? What are you guys using? Flaked Wheat? Torrified Wheat? Can I use hard red winter wheat berries? If so, I guess I'd just have to make sure I ground them well to make sure enzymes had good enough access to the starch? What percentages...
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    Carafa Special and Water Adjustments

    I was playing with some recipes and water profiles and began to wonder, does Carafa Special or other de-bittered black malts change how you work with your water profile as opposed to other dark malts? I was just thinking maybe the husk removal reduces it's ability to lower mash pH. I'm thinking...
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    IPA, suggestions for 12 kinds of hops?

    I want to make an IPA using 12 kinds of hops. Yes, there is a reason I chose 12. Probably mostly American styled. What would you use? Thanks.
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    HBT Yeast Strain Info

    Here's my idea. We have a spot on HBT with all the different comm. available yeasts listed with info about each and such. The main part that I'm interested in is having users be able to enter attenuation info. You put in mash temp vs attenuation, and we have a nice pretty graph w/ data points to...
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    Where to stop siphoning? 5oz pellet dry-hopping

    I crashed cooled last night my IIPA. The bottom 3 inches of the carboy look very gunky. There is a very clear line between the clear and the hops. Should I stop there? That's a lot of beer left down there. Also, it was already a smaller batch so if I only have 3.75-4 gallons going into the keg...
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    RIS for 6 month aging

    So I'm going out of the country in a few weeks until December. I want to make an RIS that I can secondary till then. Then I'll probably put it on tap. What ABV would you go for? I was thinking between 10-10.5%. What kind of attenuation should I expect using US-05 for a beer this big, say 148F...
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    Saison hops

    Got my starter ready. Making a saison today. Haven't decided on any recipe yet. Thinking about hopping at the moment. I have tons of each of the american C hops, and an ounce each of kent, perle, saaz, willamette, sterling (2oz), liberty, and spalt. Times? weights? I'll likely go with something...
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    Weight of 6 gallon carboy

    Can somebody tell me the weight of an empty 6 gallon carboy por favor. Thanks.
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    CommerICal beer discussion?

    It seems, someone is trying to piss Yuri off.
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    Pay it forward: yeast

    I did this more by chance than deliberate action, but I decided not to use all of my WLP300 starter (didn't want to make it too easy on those yeasties). Also, I got higher than expected efficiency on my version of Edwort's Hefe, so I collected more runnings, then used some of the excess wort to...