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    'Blixem's Revenge' 6.5% Christmas Stout Brewday Photos

    Hi all, This is a beer I brewed back in late October. It's a Christmas Stout which is 6.5% and pretty hearty! In the original version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas', originally called 'A Visit From St. Nicholas', the last two reindeer are not Donner & Blitzen, but Dunder & Blixem. :)...
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    Thinking of setting up an online brewing magazine

    Hi, I run a homebrewing website called www.brewing-tips.com We're starting work on an online brewing magazine, and are looking for people who would like to contribute to it. I plan to bring out a pilot edition which will be free. If anyone is seriously interested in being part of this, please...
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    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    Hi, I'm from the south of England. We drink lots of ale here! My goal is to try and create a very simple recipe, which will be a classic Best Bitter. This recipe has to make a very good, very drinkable Best Bitter which is exactly to style. It will then be used as the foundation for every...
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    PID Relay output driving an SSR?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question. I've got a PID which is only fitted with a output rated at 2 amps. How can I use this to drive an SSR? I was thinking of using a battery pack with 2x 1.5v AA batteries. My idea is that as the relay isn't rated high enough for the elements, I can use them...
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    PID Tuning - HELP!

    Heya everyone, Today I tested my HERMS PID system. I brought the temps of the HLT and BK up to around 60 degrees and turned off the BK elements. I then pretended the BK was the MT and recirculated it through the heat exchange coil in the HLT. The sensor is a Type J thermocouple in a home-built...
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    Budget false bottom.

    Hi HBT! Checking in from sunny England with some pics of the latest addition to my 10 gallon eHERMS, a budget false bottom for my mash tun. Items needed: Oxo 'Good Grips' Splatter screen with handle: http://www.amazon.com/Oxo-Splatter-Screen-Folding-Handle/dp/B0007VO0DU 3x small...
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    Brunken Dastard's Big Bad Brewery! 10gal eHERMS

    'ello! I've been working on this for a few months now, it's been a huge learning experience! I've so far learned the basics in: Welding Angle grinding Using power saws Wiring Basic electrics Basic electronics plumbing control systems and advanced skills in: Making cups of tea...
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    Brewing-tips.com - Daily Brewing Tips Website

    Hi guys, Just wanted to let you all know about my new project - a daily-updated blog website on brewing tips & tutorials! I'm also looking for people who want to contribute to the blog - it would be great to have a few other people on board who would update the blog every now and then when...
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    Help! Missed mash temp by 12 degrees!

    Help! I missed my mash temp (152*F) by 12*F (I got 140*F) Grains: 4230 grams Water: 3 gallons How much water do I add and at what temp to get 152*F??? Thanks H
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    Elderflower 'Champagne' - Add champagne yeast or not?

    Hi all, Here in the uk at this time of year the hedgerows are full of sweet smelling elderflower - I thought it would be a shame not to try my hand at making some traditional Elderflower Champagne. So, me and my girlfriend went on a walk through the countryside on a mission to pick as many...
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    Topping up boil volume with water?

    Heya, I was trying to mash/sparge ending up with 6 gallons of wort to compensate for evaporation in the boil. I've just run out of sparge water leaving me with 5 gallons of wort. I don't really want to dilute the wort after the boil, so can I just add water as it boils off? Surely only the...
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    Brew Day - Wooly Jumper bitter

    Hi guys, I work from home, but don't finish until late so brewing can be a bit hard to fit into my day - Today however, I'm trying a 'no hassle' brew, the focus is on making a non-herms brew with basic equipment while only putting in the minimum amount of effort. The idea being to make my brew...
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    Diacetyl/chemical flavours

    Hi, I've been having problems with my all-grain batches. it seems that I get off flavours from them and not from extract batches! I've used different hops, grains from different suppliers, different yeast strains, and I still get the same flavours: green apple/chemical taste/strong butter...
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    Weissbeater - Brunken Dastard Brewery

    Hi all, Here's my latest label, for a weiss I've got in the fermenter - it's my first all-grain batch! :) What do you think? :D - H
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    Short Starter time?

    Hi, I have a propagator pack of wyeast Weihenstephan Weizen 3068 It says on the packet to make a 2 litre starter and leave it 24 hours before pitching. I am making a german weiss, OG 1.050 I would like to brew today, but that would only give the yeast 5 hours in the starter. Would...
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    Force carbonating then bottling?

    Hi, I have a kegerator setup, but I'm interested in bottling some of my beers to take to my local pub for the locals to try, and to give to people as presents. I was wondering if it was possible to force carbonate in a cornelius keg, and then transfer to the bottle> What would be the best...
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    Irish moss - loss of body?

    Ok, Don't panic, I haven't lost my body; I know you were all thinking 'how on earth is he typing this without any arms?!'. Nope, I'm fine, but my beer is a little.... lacking in substance. I've brewed 10 gallons of an ordinary bitter, and 10 gallons of a slightly darker bitter. Both were...
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    First Label Design!

    Hi guys, Here's my first label design - it's for a beer I'm brewing for my brother's 32nd birthday! What do ya think? :) H
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    All-Grain Madness!

    Ok, I'll start by describing where I'm at so far: Heated water to strike temperature in 3-gallon pot Added to 3Kg crushed 2-row british malted barley in 5-gallon pot Began heating up sparge water in 3-gallon pot Realise suddenly that I've got nowhere to put the wort when I lauter it off in...
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    Utah Legalizes Homebrewing!

    March 25, 2009 - Yesterday, Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. of Utah signed into law legislation that makes homebrewing beer legal. The "Exemption for Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing License" was sponsored by Representative Christine A. Johnson and made Utah the 46th state to legalize homebrewing...