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  1. BeerGrrrl

    B is for Beer

    Oh good, do! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  2. BeerGrrrl

    Extreme foam -- for the third time!

    That definitely looks like the problem! I'll wait it out.
  3. BeerGrrrl

    Extreme foam -- for the third time!

    They were bottled for over two weeks, were in the fridge for a couple of days. I didn't take another reading with the hydrometer. I guess I need to be a little more thorough if I am going to want answers to my questions!
  4. BeerGrrrl

    Partial Mash recipie for a Wheat beer?

    Maybe I am not looking hard enough but I can't really seem to find one? Has anyone used one they enjoyed?
  5. BeerGrrrl

    Extreme foam -- for the third time!

    This happened with my first two Saisons and now again with my Scotch Ale. I opened the bottles and once it sets for a moment, it will just continue to foam out the bottle for several minutes. I thought the problem with the first two was too much priming sugar but I got it just right with this...
  6. BeerGrrrl

    Beer Cocktails?

    Awesome, thanks guys. Some of these sound delicious. If anything I am looking forward to expanding our beer list and giving it a little more respect!
  7. BeerGrrrl

    Beer Cocktails?

    What are your favorites? The beer selections at the restaurant I work at are less than extraordinary because the boss obviously spends more time curating the wine list. But when the idea of beer cocktails came up in conversation he was all for it (for brunch) and said since it was in "my...
  8. BeerGrrrl

    4th batch -- some questions

    So previously I have brewed two saisons and a scotch ale, all of them from kits. So I decided to start putting together my own ingredients so I can learn more; so my last batch was just a basic pale ale. With my previous three, they each came with instructions from the brewing supply store...
  9. BeerGrrrl

    B is for Beer

    I've been a Tom Robbins fan for a long time and how WONDERFUL was it to see he made a children's book about beer. (A children's book for grown-ups or A grown-up book for Children the cover says) And I finally just got around to reading it last night. It's about a little girl who discovers what...
  10. BeerGrrrl

    Interview for Dream Job

    Thats really awesome. Goodluck! Don't worry so much, about the interview or the date. This is not your last chance at a brewing position or getting laid; so just be yourself and if its right it will happen!
  11. BeerGrrrl

    what is your occupation

    Just finished up my degree in Art History. Which readily lends itself to the brewing of beer I believe. I waitress to pay the bills.
  12. BeerGrrrl

    My second batch - Each bottle was different!

    So my second batch of beer went much better than the first. I brewed a saison again because I had messed up so many factors on the first that I wanted to taste it done right. And some (!) were pretty delicious! I had various types of bottles. I had the little flip top grolsh bottles, regular...
  13. BeerGrrrl

    Priming Sugar -- Always?

    This may sound silly, and the problem is only arising because I am forgetful, but I went to bottle my third batch of beer today and I could not for the life of me find my priming sugar anywhere. The batch is from a kit and it made me wonder if ALL beer uses priming sugar when bottling? As in...
  14. BeerGrrrl

    Quick! So I forgot to punch my yeast packages...

    ...and allow them to swell 3 hours before hand. Wort is cooling now. Is it okay to let it hang out in the carboy for an hour or two before adding the yeast? Or is this going to mess everything up?
  15. BeerGrrrl

    Why aren't you brewing?

    Working doubles as a waitress. Other than that, money and space! I wish I had a barn. Much time goes to practicing the banjo as well.
  16. BeerGrrrl

    What are your plans for St. Paddy's day?

    Working a double today. Wa waaaa. Might drop by the pub for one drink after, but alas working another double tomorrow.
  17. BeerGrrrl

    New York City Weekend

    The only places that really do BYOB places round' here (I live in Queens) are places that have yet to get their liquor license or do not want to pay for one. So they are places you might not want to go. Unless you are people like my roommates who bring in JUGS of Carlo Rossi to these...
  18. BeerGrrrl

    College hoops 2010-2011

    Totally !!!
  19. BeerGrrrl

    College hoops 2010-2011

    Even though we lost, it was pretty damn fun when the game went into overtime last week with Syracuse and UCONN. Who could forget the 6 overtimes? Best game I've ever attended.
  20. BeerGrrrl

    wyeast yeast packet not pop when pitched

    I did not correctly pop or allow the package to swell on my first batch and I believe it had something to do with my beer being EXPLOSIVE when I opened the bottles for the first time. I believe there was still too much active yeast!