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    Quack Belgian Ale

    Crush and steep in 1 gallon of 150F water for 20 minutes: 5 oz US Munich malt (I didn't have German Munich available) 5 oz Belgian Special B malt 3 oz Belgian Aromatic malt Strain the grain water into your brew pot. Sparge the grains with ½ gallon water at 170oF. Add water to...
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    Schwarzbier recipe?

    Anyone have a tasty schwarzbier recipe? I'm looking for something to do with a Bavarian lager yeast. Thanks. Marc.
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    Lager yeast cake

    I've pitched onto an ale yeast cake with good results...but it seems like the bock I have brewing doesn't quite have as large amount of trub on the bottom of the carboy. Has anyone ever tried pitching another lager recipe over a lager cake? Any advice? As an aside, it's a Wyeast 2206...
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    Substitute for Honey Malt

    I went to the LHBS this afternoon and they were out of honey malt:( . I was planning on brewing up a batch of honey wheat this evening and wasn't sure if I should just be patient or try to adapt. I have some aromatic and some biscuit malt. Worth a try to substitute? I was only going to use...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...(plus it's my hundredth post!) Brewing up a good Maibock recipe using an American ale yeast tomorrow; plus I'll be bottling up a batch of IPA. Out of all my brews, I've found that I run out of the IPAs much faster than the others I've...
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    Garbage Pale Ale

    Okay, I have a few extra ingredients in my fridge that I was hoping to use up...so I thought I might brew up an IPA. Recipe for 5 gal extract with steeped grains. Throw it in the pale ale 12 oz - Crystal 20L 8 oz - Crystal 60L 7 lbs - Extra Light DME 1 oz - Yakima Magnum @ 60 1/2 oz...
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    I want a good body...

    I'm an extract + steeped grains brewer, and I've found that I'm often disappointed in the amount of body and mouthfeel that I get. I'm not sure what I need to add to get a little more out of my beers. Is this something that is difficult to obtain with extract? Or will priming with DME help...
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    Bitter recipe

    I was thinking about brewing up an English bitter and have been looking at several different recipes. Is there a typical ratio of primary grain to crystal malt addition? Also, I've seen a couple of recipes that use Maris Otter malt--what are my options as an extract + grain brewer to get...
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    Steeping Grains vs. Required Mash

    First off, I'm a extract with steeped grains brewer at this point. But I've seen that several grains "must" be mashed. (i.e. Munich malt, wheat, etc.) Does this mean that I can't use these grains with my brews? Typically the recipes that I have used have a 20-60 minute steep at 150* and then...
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    Yeast Substitutions

    Where can I find a cross reference that shows similar yeasts aross different brands? i.e. Wyeast to White Labs substitution; or a dry yeast to Wyeast. I know that I've see a table somewhere that gives a rough idea of possible substitution ideas. It would even be helpful to have same brand...
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    Bottle Conditioning

    I had a quick question; as a general rule, I go 1 wk primary, 2 wks secondary, and 3 wks in bottle. Some brews have been ready after a week in bottle, others have seemed to need a little more time to mellow. When bottling (or kegging for that matter), how long do you keep the beer at the...
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    All Grain to Extract Conversion

    Hey guys (and gals), I had a quick question about converting all grain recipes to extract. I have a recipe for a Pale Ale that calls for 95% 2-row, 3% C-75, and 2% C-55 for a 153 deg. mash to obtain a 1.055 O.G. I was wondering how I convert this to use DME for the base and still keep the...
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    Blue Corn Clone

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the Blue Corn Brewery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They have a High Altitude Pale Ale that I really enjoy and I was hoping that someone might have a recipe that is similar. They also have an American style honey wheat beer that's pretty...