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  1. K

    Milk chocolate stout...

    Wow been a while since I have posted, it has been a wonderful first year of brewing. Have made some crotch grabbingly delicious beers...beyond what I thought I was going to be able to make, it depresses me going out to drink cause I pay 3-5 bucks for a pint of inferior beer -sigh- but alas I...
  2. K

    First solo AG batch

    Hey all, so I am about to do my first AG batch. I brewed a 10gal batch on national homebrew day with the help of my neighbor, he pretty much just hung out and made sure I didn't screw up, I couldn't have asked for a better beer, it came out great. So today I am going to do a 10 gal batch and...
  3. K

    Aluminum kegs

    Ok so I got really really lucky. I am planning on making my AG set-up and I was asking around work and I found 3 guys who had empty kegs so score....I think. I have a set of carbide high speed bits so I was trying to see if I could drill a hole for the plumbing to come out and low an behold the...
  4. K

    All grain class

    I took an AG class yesterday at my HBS, it was an absolute blast. Firstly it simplified AG, I was way overthinking it and thought it was much more complex. I have read several articles on it, but reading doesn't compare to seeing/doing. The instructor was totally cool, way laid back and he...
  5. K

    Worried about my hefe

    I brewed my first hefe saturday night. The recipe came from my LHBS. 7 pounds Briess wheat-barley malt extract 1 pound Gambrius Honey malt 25L 1oz Hallertauer-60min boil Wyeast #3068 Wheinstephen Wheat The owner of the HBS told me that I could ferment it a little higher and get some...
  6. K

    New brewer looking into All grain.

    Home brewing is a new hobby for me, but I am completely hooked. I love making beer just as much as I love drinking it. I made my 5th batch lastnight, my first batch was made march 4th. Now I want to look into trying all-grain brewing. I have looked at mash and lauter tun kits on ebay and they...
  7. K

    Hydrometer reading

    I am wondering, does a colder temperature of a lager throw off my reading on my hydrometer? I know that 60f is when the hydrometer reads accurately but for every 10 degrees f I should adjust .002-.003...does that apply to both 10 degrees above and below 60f?
  8. K

    Fermentation problem?

    2 weeks ago I started an oktoberfest brew. The primary fermenting seemed to go well, I started it around 4pm and made sure to wake up in the middle of the night to make sure that I got it into the garage as soon as I noticed the fermentation begining. I put my carboy in a fridge that was/is not...
  9. K

    Lager fermenation temp

    So I started an oktoberfest beer yesterday, I'm making a Spaten clone with a couple substitutions, but to the point. I stuck a thermometer in a spair not plugged in fridge yesterday and it was a perfect temp of 55 right now the temp is at 63ish and it wasn't a hot day by any means, I'm not sure...
  10. K

    Priming sugar mistake?

    Hey, so I think I may have made a mistake. I bottled my first batch on tuesday and I forgot to boil the sugar in water for 5 mins...in fact I didn't dilute the sugar in any water I dumped it into the bottling bucket and then siphoned the beer into the bucket. I made my 2nd batch last night...
  11. K

    Irish Moss

    Ok so I am almost done brewing my 2nd batch. I am making an IPA this time and I was looking over the recipe sheet and is says to use 1-4tsp of Irish moss. I have no idea what irish moss is and the the lady at the home brew shop didn't mention anything about it when she was helping me get all my...