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    Corny Kegs - MD

    These are pin-lock corny kegs, last used for soda, and great for homebrew. They hold pressure and were recently in circulation. Keg with static pressure relief valve - $35 Keg with manual pressure relief valve - $45 I am in Catonsville. Currently offering pick-up only.
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    I screwed up my grain bill - I need advice!

    I accidentally put Melanoidin in instead of Carafoam. Will this screw up anything/give me a different flavor/make it taste off? Original Recipe: Milk Stout 5 Gallon OG: 1.060 FG:1.013 ABV:6.27% IBU:25.6 Color:36.9 SRM 7lb 2-Row (60.9%) 1lb Flaked...
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    Damaged floor corker

    I have a Ferrari floor corked, but one of the metal arms bent. Is there anywhere that will sell parts? Can I replace it with bar stock? if so, what can I use to paint it?
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    Need help planning my Ferm Chamber

    I'm currently planning my fermentation chamber, it will be a cabinet cooled by a mini-fridge. The plan is to make it just large enough so I can fit two 6.5 gallon carboys, or two buckets, or a combination, depending on what I'm working with at the time. I've already ordered a single STC-1000 and...
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    Cork Selection

    I have five wines that I am making/about to make that I would like to all hit their peak in about 2-3 years. They are all Winexpert Eclipse, the Cab/Sauv, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and the Pinot Gris. I am getting ready to bottle the first batch and rack another and I was wondering what...
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    Oxidizing/Seasoning Aluminum

    I just picked up a 40qt aluminum stock pot to make the move to full boil batches. I understand that I need to boil water in this pot to the point that it's almost full to create a layer of oxidation so my beer doesn't take on an metallic taste. My question is, should I add sugar and acid to the...
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    May 25th and 26 - Brew at the Zoo - Baltimore Zoo

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    May 18th Maryland Craft Beer Festival - Frederick

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    Watered Down Wine Problem

    I have two batches of pumpkin wine that are currently in primaries. The original plan was to make 5 gallons of regular and 5 gallons of pumpkin wine. This required 25 pounds of grated pumpkin flesh per batch, a measure of sugar that I don't have infront of me, and since I was working with what I...
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    Champagne/Sparkling Wine Bottles

    I recently acquired a case of second hand bottles that originally held "American Champagne". The label read "Bottled after Secondary Fermentation", the bottoms were flat, and they seemed a little lighter than other champange bottles, but heavier than wine bottles. After a little research I found...
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    Peach Wine Needs Help

    I am currently working on a 5 gallon batch of Jack Keller's Peach and Banana Wine. (http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/reques26.asp) But instead of 3lb of peaches per gallon, I used 4lbs. I just transferred it from the primary to secondary and added the second sugar treatment. It tastes very...