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  1. MrEggSandwich

    What is going on with my IPAs?

    So earlier this year I made a "3/16 IPA" that was a disaster. First dumper in a long time.....It came out muddy (see IPA1 & 2 photos)...Unreal, it was undrinkable. I recently kegged an American IPA, its been in the keg for a couple weeks now, and I'm not crazy about it at all. (IPA 3/4 photos)...
  2. MrEggSandwich

    Getting IPAs lower FG/8% ABV

    This may sound dumb, but what the hell. I find my IPAs finish 1.012-1.016 for the most parts and the yeast “does it’s job” meaning it’s attenuated within advertised range. I’ve used Chico, Kviek, Dry English (usually Omega), starters on stir plates, etc. low mash temps. So I guess my question...
  3. MrEggSandwich

    Brew Day Disaster- Low conversion + Pump Fail

    My final brew of 2019 would be a NEIPA with some nice 2019 crops of hops (Warrior at 15, then big whirlpool of citra/mosaic/galaxy)...Was shooting for an OG of 1.074/1.076ish (8 gallon batch) -My mash conversion was super low after about an hour mash (1.040 (51% conversion), should have been...
  4. MrEggSandwich

    Temmp Controller Setting Question: ITC-308-WIFI

    Hi all- I sent their support an email, but its Sunday, and I got a brew in primary now, and using this temp controller for first time. Question: It seems the controller is always in either heating or cooling mode: Shouldn't everything be "off" if within range? If I have it set at 64, with a...
  5. MrEggSandwich

    Is a 14G Conical Fermenter worth it?

    As of now, I have a 7G Brew Bucket (love it), and a 6.5G glass carboy. My system is a 10 gallon Blichmann Breweasy......I brew 7/10/12 gallon batches with it. Temp control is chest freezers (2). A 14G Spike/SS Brewtech conical with temp control would run me $900-$1000. For me, it doesn't make...
  6. MrEggSandwich

    Consistently disappointed with hop aroma

    I’m sure there are a thousand threads on this, but what the hell... Sitting here sampling a NE IPA that I kegged on Friday night..(early, I know) but can’t help to think I am once again underwhelmed by hop aroma. I’m sure being under carbed isn’t helping, but this is consistent with my...
  7. MrEggSandwich

    Blichman BrewEasy: Vertical to Horizontal

    Hi all- I currently have a 10G 240V Blichmann BrewEasy. (15G MT + 20G BK). Pump, and chiller., I saw the horizontal 2 vessel pilot system they have on their site (https://www.blichmannengineering.com/20-gallon-electric-2-vessel-pilot-system.html), and it got me thinking- Going horizontal...
  8. MrEggSandwich

    Help with Mash Chemistry/Recipe Feedback

    Hi all- Doing a BIG IPA for a birthday brew on Friday. Banging my head again wall here....Using Brewer's Friend (which is great), but the Mash Calculator is driving me nuts. Need help with what my mash Ph is (Thinking 5.45 is a great target) System is Blichmann BrewEasy, this using full volume...
  9. MrEggSandwich

    Big Oatmeal Chocolate Coffee Stout- What you think?

    Made a similar version of this last year, came out great. Decided to bump OG up (looking for 8% ABV, dry stout, roasty coffee/chocolate, not overly sweet), decided to go with Omega British Ale I (WLP007), previously used Irish Ale Yeast with great results. Added roasted barley to mix as well...
  10. MrEggSandwich

    Water Chem/Efficiency Questions

    Hi all....A couple of questions on water/efficiency. Due to my well water, which has a Ph of 7.7, I can't get my mash Ph (according to EZ Water Calc & Brewer's Friend) below 5.6 (that's with salt additions). My system is the Blichmann Breweasy, and my efficiency expectations are around 65-70%...
  11. MrEggSandwich

    New Jersey Blichmann Burner w/Leg Extensions

    Went electric. $125
  12. MrEggSandwich

    Brew Day Question! Do I have enough cells?

    Would up with 12 gallons of 1.044-1.046 delicious looking wort today. My efficiency is getting better! I have 1.5L starter on stir plate of Omega Double IPA (Conan) that's been going since Wednesday. Batch is in 2 different fer mentors (6.5 & 5.0). Do I just take my chances and split...
  13. MrEggSandwich

    Stripped Threads on March Pump?

    Hi all- Planning a brew day on Saturday and I had taken my pump for BrewEasy off a few months back for some cleaning.....Went to assemble this evening, and I cannot get the quick disconnect or Blichmann connection back on. This is probably obvious, but: Would you agree the threads are...
  14. MrEggSandwich

    Help! No chiller water!

    My outdoor faucets seem to be frozen! No water for plate chiller. Got 10 gallons in the BK now. Heat off. What is my move here? Can I pump the 200 degree wort into glass carboy and let nature do it's thing? What temp is safe for glass?
  15. MrEggSandwich

    Efficiency Issue: Poor Conversion or Too Much Loss?

    New to all grain, have the Blichmann BrewEasy. I'm not all that familiar with calculating efficiency, and I do not expect very high efficiency with this system, I do know this: I need to do better. Use Brewer's Friend for my calcs...I am still tweaking the settings. I have been setting my...
  16. MrEggSandwich

    Dropped silicon tube into fermentor (Carboy)

    As I was chilling into fermentor, dropped 6 inch piece of silicon tubing into fermentor. Thinking this is a non-issue. Ease my mind.
  17. MrEggSandwich

    New Jersey 120V Electric Temperature Control Module for Blichmann Tower of Power™

    For sale: 120V Electric Temperature Control Module for Blichmann Tower of Power™ In box, with temp sensor. Retails for $575. Asking $450 (Includes shipping)
  18. MrEggSandwich

    My Bottom Freezer Kegerator Build- Tap Height?

    Hey Hey! So I'm ready to drill my holes for my 4 tap bottom freezer kegerator. The fridge is 21 SF, I think I can get 5-6 cornys in there no problem, but will be starting with 4 taps. Any thoughts on height? Does it matter? I thought I read something about height in relation to center...
  19. MrEggSandwich

    Bottom freezer Kegerator build: How many corny kegs in 21SF Fridge?

    I got a beat on a 21sf bottom freezer fridge for my kegerator build. How many corny kegs should I be able to fit? I'm thinking 4 easy, 6 max? (Co2 will be outside) Gonna start with 4 taps, with room for expansion. Thinking the bottom freezer is a great fit for kegerator- taps at eye level...
  20. MrEggSandwich

    Any Homebrewer General Contractors in NJ area?

    Happy New Year! The Mrs and I are very close to purchasing a new home in which we hope to make some upgrades before moving in. Those upgrades would included a man cave/tap room area, possible finishing up basement, etc. Would love to find a GC in the area (Hunterton County, NJ) to do the...