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  1. Steveruch

    Pennsylvania Hop growing

    Anyone growing hops in the vicinity of Pittsburgh?
  2. Steveruch

    Pennsylvania Western Pennsylvania water

    What is the water like in the Pittsburgh area? Hard? Soft? In between? Chlorine or chloramine?
  3. Steveruch

    Last of old mead

    16 year old raspberry mead and 18 year old cherry mead. All gone 😢
  4. Steveruch

    Amarillo apa

    Partial boil. Pitched yeast 35 minutes ago.
  5. Steveruch

    Dry stout specialty grain question

    I hope to actually brew one of these for St. Pat's day this coming year. I plan to do extract with specialty grains, specifically roast barley and flaked barley. Can I just steep them or do I need to add some 2-row and do a mini mash?
  6. Steveruch

    Easy bitter

    2 gallons at 1.034 1 lb golden light dme .5 Bavarian wheat dme 12 ozs. Maris otter pale ale malt 3 ozs. caramel 80 malt 1 oz. pale chocolate malt .2 oz Palisades 1 oz EKGs 6 grams Munton's I was going to use 4 ozs of Great Western brumalt but discovered I was out and not wanting to wait until...
  7. Steveruch

    Head retention

    Does adding some flaked barley aid in head retention?
  8. Steveruch

    V A loan users in pittsburgh

    Have any veterans in the Pittsburgh area used their G I benefits to buy a house? Real estate agent recommendation?
  9. Steveruch

    Warm porter fermentation

    I'm wanting to do a porter soon with ambient temperature being a bit higher than I'd like it to be (low 70s). The yeasts I have on hand are nottingham, S-04, and BRY-97.
  10. Steveruch

    Scale question

    What's a good scale for weighing hops and modest amounts of grain?
  11. Steveruch

    One step

  12. Steveruch

    Strange swing in had price difference

    Up until recently the price of gas just over the border in southern Oregon was at least 65-80 cents cheaper than here in northern California. The most recent difference is 8 cents.
  13. Steveruch

    Post coronavirus meal

    I'm already starting to plan an after coronavirus celebration dinner. I'm trying to decide on a beer for the appetizer, any suggestions?
  14. Steveruch

    Here I go

    Brewing this as I post. It will either be a marzen type of 2.5 gallons of a sorta bock of 2 gallons.
  15. Steveruch


    This is about to go into a batch of dough for my wife's grandmother's pizza recipe.
  16. Steveruch

    Coors clone

    Anyone have a recipe that comes reasonably close to regular coors?
  17. Steveruch

    Best mega beer

    Bud, Coors, Miller, Stella, PBR, Hamms, other?
  18. Steveruch

    W34/70 & S-189, how low?

    How far down into the 40s can these two operate?
  19. Steveruch

    Brumalt question

    Does brumalt need to be mashed? Or will steeping work?
  20. Steveruch

    Superbowl plans

    My wife and I are planning to go to Port'oPints in Crescent City , around 2. Hopefully it won't be too late to get good seats. She's going to be the designated driver.