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  1. Nurmey

    2 batches, 1 problem

    You may also have had a mini-krausen in the bottles and that is what you are seeing.
  2. Nurmey

    best way to store brews

    Cool and dark is the way to go. I have shelves in my basement away from natural light that stores all my brews.
  3. Nurmey

    bottle caps are bulging

    Yes they do explode and the glass shrapnel can imbed itself inches into your skin, face, or walls. It is NOT something you want to mess with.
  4. Nurmey

    How long do you ?

    1. Minimum of 4 weeks 2. Don't always use one but have left several batches up to 18 months 3. Minimum 3 weeks but had lots of brews around for several years
  5. Nurmey


    This is the site to use for Sake. He is a member here but you'll get faster answers on the site itself. He is the go to guy for Sake. http://www.taylor-madeak.org/index.php
  6. Nurmey

    Size of Primary Fermentation Bucket

    I agree with Ischiavo, split between two bucket for best results. Also, loose lid is fine and will not allow anything bad to get in. Primaries do not have to be air tight for good beer.
  7. Nurmey

    Hop seeds viable?

    They will be viable but may not be the right sex. You want the female plants only and with seeds you have a 50/50 chance that they will be male. If you are growing just for hops, buy starts. If you want to grow them for decoration (like that's going to happen around here) you can use the seeds.
  8. Nurmey

    Broke off some white shoots after transplanting

    It will be fine. Hops are basically weeds and its really hard to hurt them.
  9. Nurmey

    Clear 6gal Bucket!

    There is a good chance that it is this or similar company http://www.usplastic.com/
  10. Nurmey

    For Star Trek and Facebook fans

    That was fantastic. :D
  11. Nurmey

    Oops! Forgot some malt

    Welcome to HBT! Walker is correct on both points.
  12. Nurmey

    Priming with DME

    The downside to using DME is that it takes longer to carbonate your beer. There really isn't any upside to using DME. Because of the small amount used, you get no flavors from using sugar.
  13. Nurmey

    Bottle Conditioning...

    Yes. 22 ouncers usually take a week or so longer the 12s.
  14. Nurmey

    Carboy Question

    Yes to both questions.
  15. Nurmey

    Curdled Yeast or Fat from Pecans?

    Yeast doodles, mine looks like that a lot before it's completely settled.
  16. Nurmey

    1 gallon recipe

    Jack Keller's wine site has all his recipes for 1 gallon. Lots to choose from http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/
  17. Nurmey

    Brewing tank?

    You sure talk American for being from England. I can't help but be a little suspicious about your questions. Larger fermenter can be purchased at any homebrew store along with accessories.
  18. Nurmey

    Papaya Cider?

    Don't know why it wouldn't work just fine. I'm not sure the sugar content of papaya but there has to be some. I think it will be like making pear cider, lots of particulates to settle out. You might want to consider adding some apple juice to thin the juice out a bit. I found that out when...
  19. Nurmey

    You carboy guys

    I just pour the whole thing in through a funnel. I stopped filtering about 5 years ago because it's a PITA.
  20. Nurmey

    Homebrew Ethics: WIFE DUMPED MY BREW!

    Using your own analogy, it was just a SLICE of pot roast. You guest didn't like it so your wife disposed of it and got him a sandwich. Would you still be mad at her for not slapping the slice on your plate instead of tossing it?