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  1. Starderup

    G. Heilman SS 15 gallon cask

    I have acquired a used stainless cask. Has anyone used something similar as a fermentor? I'm thinking of using it as a primary, and filling 3 kegs at a time with it.
  2. Starderup

    55 Gallon SS system progress

    We got the frame this weekend. We are going to make some additional modifications, but it is shaping up nicely. DSC_0965 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  3. Starderup

    55 gallon progress

    I thought I'd share a picture of the barrel with thermometer and sight glass installed. What do you think?
  4. Starderup

    55 gallon SS system is operational

    We did a test brew this Sunday. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and we learned a ton. We still have to construct a decent frame, but our welder had this thing sitting out back and gave it to us for free, and I put two agri-supply burners on it, and it puts out enough heat that you don't want...
  5. Starderup

    Question for Bobby about his burner setup

    Hey Bobby, I saw a youtube video (), and that looked like it might be your stuff. If so, can you tell me some more about it? Is this for a 55 gallon barrel? I am interested in the dimensions.
  6. Starderup

    Important information about CPVC

    A friend of mine is a chemist, and also a brewer that I highly respect. We are putting together a massive system, and were considering CPVC for the mashtun until I got his feedback on the suitability of this material. It is pretty eye opening: CPVC at elevated temps (say above 120°F) is...
  7. Starderup

    I can't believe how hard drilling a keg is

    I have been working on this thing for hours with a brand new titanium step bit. I am close, but my arms are so tired, I got to quit. I have been oiling the bit about every 60 seconds. I have tried slow and fast, and put all my weight on it. It is a Ryobi 3/8 drill, and it is about killing it...
  8. Starderup

    Nobody knows how to remove the S fitting

    I have been searching this site and google for three hours. Lots of info on removing the D fittings. Zip on the European Sankey kegs.
  9. Starderup

    Just bought two kegs - probably screwed up

    One of them is a Micro Star 5 gallon keg. The other one is a pony keg that is a European Sanke. Paid $30 for both. After comparing them to the corny kegs, it looks like I have two big paperweights. I was thinking about making a keggle out of the pony keg, but I'm not even sure about that now. At...
  10. Starderup

    What's better than a HB while waiting to pitch yeast?

    Nothing! Ok, maybe nookie too.
  11. Starderup

    Bottle bombs

    I guess I had a couple of weak bottles, because for the first time in years, I had two explode from two separate batches in the last 24 hours. One was from a Saison I just bottled a week ago, and the other was from a batch brewed back in June. Strange. Temps in the house are the same as always...
  12. Starderup

    Mash disaster

    Well, not really, but kinda a screw up. I mashed in at 8:10, and everything looked good. 152. Went inside to brew some coffee and came back out - the hose had dropped down, and I was lautering on the garage floor. I lost about a gallon. It wasn't really sticky, so I think a lot of the conversion...
  13. Starderup

    Funny site

    Imagine someone following these directions carefully: Pour the juice into a 5-gallon container. Boil the water and sugar together until the sugar dissolves. Set aside to cool, then add the grape juice and yeast package. Securely close the container so that no air is released. Allow the wine to...
  14. Starderup

    Chateau Welch

    Just toying around with wine. I hydrated half a packet or so of the yeast, and poured it into a sterilized gallon jug. The bottle of grape juice is of the 3 quart size, so I think I will have enough headspace. I just used sterilized foil for the top. This morning, it has a nice thin layer of...
  15. Starderup

    My first sour beer

    I bottled an American Ale on the 16th of this month, and checked a bottle or two the other day visually. By now, it has usually cleared up, but they were still cloudy. Looked at several other random bottles, and they are all the same. Chilled one and opened it up. It seems to have somehow...
  16. Starderup

    Brewtarget software - FREE

    I found this brewing software (apologies to anyone that has already found it, and I'm sure there are many) called Brewtarget. It is open source, and no cost. It is not stripped down software, however. Not only is it available for Windows, Macs, and Linux (32 bit), but it lets you define the...
  17. Starderup

    Got a mini-batch going!

    I bottled some yeast I cultured (parallel culturing) last night, and calculated that I would have a little left over after filling six bottles. I also roasted some barley on Sunday, and have been itching to see the different color. So, I did some calculations on my Pale Ale recipe, and one...
  18. Starderup

    Threw away my first batch today - ever!

    I used some captured Kellerweis yeast on a batch of German Wheat. Brewed on Sunday. Went perfect. The yeast seemed to be extremely active. I was actually surprised when it was not bubbling within an hour. Went to a family picnic, and got home, and very little activity. Never got any airlock...
  19. Starderup

    Capturing Kellerweisen

    Sounds like a Harrison Ford movie, doesn't it? Anyway, I bought some Sierra Nevada Kellerweisen, and noticed it seems to have live yeast at the bottom. From today's brew, I kept some of the last runnings from the sparge and was going to freeze it, but then, thought what the hell, and figured...
  20. Starderup

    Fun with yeast!

    Did my first yeast starter with my Yeast Hog 1000 tonight, with some captured Coopers IPA yeast cake (just a test run), and my second wash with some PacMan yeast cake (following my first wash test with the same Coopers). What a blast! Within 2 hours, the starter was foaming at the mouth, and my...