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  1. Professor Frink

    Question for San Diego people

    Where does everyone go around here to fill your CO2 tank? I'd prefer to refill as opposed to swap, since my tank is in very good shape.
  2. Professor Frink

    Should I keep it?

    I'm pretty sure my black witbier is infected (I'll take some pics when I get home tonight), as it's still kicking a few weeks after pitching and it's forming some nice big bubbles on top just like my Old Bruin has. I'm thinking "hmm, sour witbier, it could be okay", should I let go to...
  3. Professor Frink

    Help! My Crankandstein broke!

    I've managed to strip the hex-input on my driveshaft for my drill, so now when I put a hex bit in there, it just spins around without pushing the rollers. Is there anything I can do about this? I looks like the driveshaft is part of the roller assembly (it's the 2S model).
  4. Professor Frink

    Do you like Beer? Bourbon? BBQ?

    Since I wasn't able to make it to the Raleigh Beerfest this year, I'm thinking about going to the Beer-Bourbon-BBQ fest in Cary this August. Is anyone else up for this? Here's the website: Beer and Bourbon Festival
  5. Professor Frink

    New Belgium 1554 Enlightened Black Ale

    Has anyone tried this? I just bought one and I'm loving it. It's nice and clean and really reminds me of a shwartzbier. I'm going to have to try to clone this one.
  6. Professor Frink

    Souring half of a brown ale?

    I'm thinking of doing my first 10 gallon batch tomorrow (in the snow nonetheless) and my plan is to do a 10 gallon batch of a brown ale and splitting it into two different beers. I plan on fermenting with Nottingham then taking half and adding hazelnut extract to make my Hazelnut Brown Ale (the...
  7. Professor Frink

    Making a Schwarzbier - which yeast to use?

    I'm gonna brew up a Schwarzbier this weekend, and I'm torn between which yeast to use - I have either Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager or WLP 885 Zurich Lager. I'm leaning towards the 885, has anyone used either of these for this style?
  8. Professor Frink

    How long does your brew day take?

    I'm just curious how long everyone's brew day takes. I've talked with different people and gotten so many different numbers. From heating the infusion water to pitching the yeast, what do you average? I'm usually at 3.5 hours.
  9. Professor Frink

    India Brown Ale

    This is an India Brown Ale that got great reviews from everyone (and won second place in competition). Grains US 2-Row Malt 13.00 lb 85.8 % 4.1 In Mash/Steeped US Caramel 20L Malt 0.50 lb 3.3 % 1.7 In Mash/Steeped UK Brown Malt 0.50 lb 3.3 % 5.0 In Mash/Steeped US White Wheat...
  10. Professor Frink

    Someone stole my brewery name!

    Just happened upon this website: About Us They stole my name! I was going to register that domain name, but I accidently typed in Lazy Dog Brewery. It figures.
  11. Professor Frink

    Need advice on what category to enter my India Brown

    So I'm going to enter my Mild and my India Brown in competition, what are people's feelings on what category to enter an India Brown Ale? I've seen it done in IPA, Brown Ale and Experimental Categories. It's pretty similar to Terrapin's India Brown (Niquejim and Zymergrafi bother received one...
  12. Professor Frink

    Question about oxygenation

    So I decided to oxygenate my wort for the first time today. I'm using an aquarium pump, an inline filter, some silicone tubing and an oxygenation stone. Two questions actually: 1) How long do people oxygenate for? I got about 10 minutes in before it started foaming over. 2) Do you...
  13. Professor Frink

    Making a starter for dry yeast?

    I know that a starter isn't necessary for dry yeast, but here's the skinny - I don't trust my starter of Pacman, I think it's contaminated. I have one package of Nottingham, but I need to split it between my buddy and I tomorrow. Are there any detrimental effects of making a starter with dry...
  14. Professor Frink

    Stone Release Party - North Carolina edition

    As Beerific pointed out to me, Stone is coming to the southeast. Tyler's taproom in Durham is having a release party on Sept. 17 with a variety of their beers: Tyler's Taproom - Durham, North Carolina Anyone interested in going?
  15. Professor Frink

    Heading to San Diego - Brewpub recommendations?

    I'm heading out to San Diego tomorrow to visit the SWMBO, any recommendations on brewpubs to hit up? I'm definitely penciling in Stone, but I know there's a bunch of others out there.
  16. Professor Frink

    Diactetyl rest with Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager?

    So I brewed an Oktoberfest a week and a half ago, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how important a diacetyl rest is? I'm heading out of town on Friday for 9 days, so I figure fermenation will probably not be done yet (I haven't checked the gravity since pitching), should I just forgo the...
  17. Professor Frink

    RIS swap - Professor Frink's Beers

    It's a little late, but here's my thread. Beers were sent to: olllllo ScubaSteve Brewt00l Each person got 2-22 oz'ers of RIS and a 12 oz. of Barleywine, brewed June 2007. Enjoy!
  18. Professor Frink

    How long can a starter sit?

    So I have the remainders of a starter with some spent wort on top that's been sitting on the counter for probably 6-8 weeks now. Does anyone know how long this would be good for? I've gotten lazy and haven't gotten around to freezing down the yeast, I was thinking I'd pitch some new wort onto...
  19. Professor Frink

    Chapel Hill area brewers - new homebrew supply shop

    To any Chapel Hill area brewers, Fifth Season in Carrboro has just recently started carrying homebrew supplies. I stopped in there today - they a have a decent but not great selection, but I know some people west of Chapel Hill have to make quite a trek out to Raleigh, so you might want to...
  20. Professor Frink

    I can't get my racking cane clean!

    I'm about to rack my smoked porter, and I have sediment stuck on the inside of my racking cane, right in the middle. I've tried bleach, oxyclean, you name it, I can't get it out. Any suggestions?