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  1. rico567

    My bottles DID need cleaning!

    To make a long story short, I bottle, and after acquiring bottles (mostly commercial throwaway 9 in. / 12 oz longnecks), usually by drinking the contents, I would give the bottle a complete treatment: a soak in hot water with PBW, remove label, rinse thoroughly, and sanitize with Star San...
  2. rico567

    Cistern-fed zero water use recirculating chiller

    Having reached the point where I'm somewhat uncomfortable pumping @30 gallons from our well each time I chill, I decided to employ a century-old cistern (decommissioned before we moved in nearly a quarter-century ago) for a zero water use chilling system. I will state for the record that of...
  3. rico567

    Mud Gloves = yes

    These are a cloth glove that has been coated with a textured rubber. They are sold as a gardening aid, but they are wonderful when brewing outside, particularly when dealing with water when it's cold. They're about $10, just look them up on Amazon....or they can be ordered direct from the...
  4. rico567

    Arthur Guinness joins the creative packaging crowd

    Picked up a twelve pack of Guiness' sampler for a reasonable $13.50 the other day. When I actually opened one and poured it, it seemed a bit short. Then I read the label: "11.2 ounces." Along with so many other manufacturers, Guinness manages to short you a bottle in a 12-pack and presumably...
  5. rico567

    Thermapen Open Box Sale

    Thermapen is running their open box sale again- full warranty, and you won't find it cheaper anywhere else! https://checkout.netsuite.com/s.nl?c=580795&sc=4&category=thanks&whence=
  6. rico567

    Use of Calcium Chloride and Calcium Sulfate

    {I guess this belongs here; mods feel free to move at your discretion} After brewing with straight RO water since I started (about 5 years ago), I finally got experimental and decided to try some minerals. After perusing the more involved aids (spreadsheets, etc.), I just decided to brew some...
  7. rico567

    You gotta think: MALT

    I think this is the way to go: beer as the solution to India & Pakistan's problems. http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-pakistan-beer-20120701,0,652013.story _______ "Beer, the cause of and solution to all life's problems." - Homer Simpson
  8. rico567

    Example of going commercial

    Every so often, a post pops up here on HBT by people thinking about turning our shared pastime (or psychosis) into a commercial enterprise. Here's a local example of a work in progress, by three guys who have a lot of skills, which may provide inspiration, as well as a few cautionary tales...
  9. rico567

    Effects of grist to water ratio

    When I started to brew AG, I studies up a bit on how thick / thin to mash, and I couldn't really learn anything definitive about it, so I'm in the habit of mashing rather thin (1.75 qt. / lb or so in the batch I brewed today) because it seemed easier. Obviously, if mashing is done too thin...
  10. rico567

    Thermapen open box sale

    I've got one, but if you've been thinking about it, they've got "open box" units on sale for $69. You'll probably not find them this low for a long time, if ever: ThermoWorks - Splash-Proof Thermapen Sale
  11. rico567

    Thermapen on sale

    Here you go: ThermoWorks - Splash-Proof Thermapen Thermometer On sale for $89 with free silicone boot. If I didn't already have one, I'd already have this ordered.
  12. rico567

    ABB bottles; going for a batch

    I posted here about 4 months ago when I bottled a few pints of porter in these: http://www.abbperformance.com/ The gym I belong to goes through a steady amount of these, so they're easily come by on a daily basis. The bottles that interest me are listed as 18 and 22 oz., and most have had the...
  13. rico567

    Let's see what we have here: US Plastics strainers

    Anybody using these? http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=37444&catid=685 I've never run into these, made to fit 5 gal buckets and 55 gal drums. Looks like they might be mighty useful in straining out hops, trub contents, other items. Come in 600, 400, 200, and 100 microns. Looks...
  14. rico567

    Visting New Glarus

    We were on our way from Mineral Point to Madison WI Sunday, so we stopped off in New Glarus and toured the brewery. Beautiful and very impressive operation. It was 1100 on a Sunday morning, so we just took the self-guided tour- the place is very well laid out for this, and there is a wandering...
  15. rico567

    Beer Archæology Article

    We got our latest copy of Smithsonian magazine (July/August) yesterday, and it has an article entitled "Dig, Drink and be Merry" about beer archæology. This subject may be familiar to some who've watched several TV shows including Brewmasters, but the article is fun to read, detailing the...
  16. rico567

    Your lucky day!

    We have free shipping: http://www.kitchencollection.com/Temp_Large_Images.cfm?skuno=01018099&name=Mr%20Beer%20Home%20Brewery%20Complete%20Microbrewery%20System Two words: Mr. Beer! ;)
  17. rico567

    Why beer prices on the rise

    In an article dated today: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2011/05/19/whys-my-beer-so-expensive-the-forces-behind-a-sudsy-economic-i/?icid=main%7Chtmlws-main-w%7Cdl3%7Csec3_lnk1%7C213918 ....the reasons for increase in beer prices over the last few years are discussed. The part about hop shortage...
  18. rico567

    Trying ABB Performance plastic bottles

    Bottled the Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter this morning. Filled two of these bottles: http://www.abbperformance.com/ as an experiment. They are sold in quantity at our gym and therefore readily available, the label peels right off, they're pretty much opaque, and made of PETE #1. Should work as...
  19. rico567

    Pipeline backed up...in more ways than one

    Here I am, in full Spring Brewing mode, three batches of beer in the fermenters, brewed a week apart, and the youngest one is at three weeks. This was last Saturday, and our septic line plugs up. Finally get someone out here to pump the tank and roto-root the line....and, nothing. The line is...
  20. rico567

    Does a bittering hop matter?

    I'm not clear as to whether (for example) 2 ounces of 4.2 AA Fuggle hops would be the equivalent to an ounce of an 8.4 AA hop, if either would be thrown in at the beginning of a 60 minute boil. I keep reading that there's no aroma component left after a full boil, so why wouldn't any hop with...