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  1. Doc Robinson

    I lost my Password for 3 Years

    Anyone remember me? :o
  2. Doc Robinson

    Anybody ever brew Vienna Lager?

    I am interested in brewing this style and have been reading Daniels. It looks like you can pretty much use any combination of pilsner, 2-row, munich, & vienna for 100% of the grist with most recipes including a tiny bit of carapils and some light crystal. Here is what I am thinking...
  3. Doc Robinson

    Some Jerk just called me an "EAC"?

    What the hell does he mean, EAC?
  4. Doc Robinson

    Homemade Whirlpool Machine

    I was having a ton of trouble getting a good whirlpool going in my 15 gallon kettle with a spoon so I decided to build something. I used 1' of copper tubing, a compression fitting, a PVC T-Joint, & two lengths of PVC with "spoons" cut out on each end. You should see this thing in action...it...
  5. Doc Robinson

    Are Grocery Water Machines Legit?

    These things are about the size of an industrial sized refrigerator, say they pass the water through 7 stages (charcoal filter, UV light, another filter, Reverse Osmosis membrane, etc.), and they seem to have an endless supply. Those seven stages can't be happening as the water is flowing...
  6. Doc Robinson

    I Can't Stand Cloudy Beer

    I'm about to give up. I've used irish moss, gelatin, cold crashing, and filtering with a 1 micron filter. I have brewed maybe 15 batches, of which 2 have been crystal. The rest are not. My most recent was a Kolsch. I primaried for a month, cold crashed at 30 for a week, racked to a corny...
  7. Doc Robinson

    15 Liter Starter and 2 Smack Packs for a LAGER?!?

    I'm brewing 10.5 gallons of Munich Helles lager...WTF am I supposed to do, pitch 2 smack packs into a 3/4 full 5 gallon carboy? I don't have a stir plate
  8. Doc Robinson

    Are you a smoker?

    This guy uses a vacuum to suck 400 cigarettes of smoke through water to suspend the tar, then boils it down to show what is left...pretty amazing, and filthy. I think I'll quit tomorrow. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4ewpf_du-goudron-extrait-de-400-cigarette_tech
  9. Doc Robinson

    Cold Crashing out Yeast - Dr. Charles Bamforth (Brew Strong Podcast)

    Did anyone catch the Brew Strong podcast on beer haze with Dr. Charles Bamforth of the UC Davis Brewing Science Program? He was saying that it is the temperature, not the time, of cold crashing that determines the effectiveness. I am cold crashing my beers around 36 degrees, but I am still...
  10. Doc Robinson

    I'm in the mood to ****ing drink!

    Tonight, I am ****ing drinking!
  11. Doc Robinson

    FermCap Users - How Much, When and Where?

    I purchased some FermCap and it came with no instructions. I am boiling a volume of 13 gallons. I think I have seen 1 drop per gallon. I am assuming I add it while I am bringing my wort to a boil. I also want to use it in my fermenter to reduce blow off. Is the kettle addition...
  12. Doc Robinson

    Does # of Brews on Propane Tank Decrease in Cold Weather?

    Historically, I have been barely getting 2 brews on a tank of propane using a Banjo Burner. I've been brewing in ambient temperatures from 30 - 50 degrees. Before my last brew, I realized that the spring for the air flow plate should be on the outside (not the inside like I had it) so that...
  13. Doc Robinson

    Need Help with Natural Gas Line

    Propane is too expensive. I want to run natural gas to my garage. On the other side of this wall is the garage. It seems that all I would need to do is: 1) Shut of the main 2) Disconnect one of the outs 3) Install a brass T 4) Attach a shutoff valve to the T and connect flex tubing 5)...
  14. Doc Robinson

    Dry Hopping the Keg - How's My Process?

    I want to dry hop in my kegs. My plan is as follows...would you do anything differently or see any problems with these steps?: 1) Primary for 3 to 4 weeks 2) Cold crash it on gelatin 3) Rack it to a keg 4) Force carb the keg 5) Drop in a SS mesh tea ball with the dry hops 6) Store...
  15. Doc Robinson

    Long Primary Ferm & Cold Crashing Schedule

    After trial...and mostly error, I have decided to be more patient and subscribe to the "Long Primary" school of thought. I've vowed to leave my beers in the primary for no less than 21 days. For those of you who cold crash at the end of a long primary, do you count the cold crashed days in...
  16. Doc Robinson

    Where can I get Calcium Chloride...Today?

    I can't find this stuff. Aquarium stores / hardware stores. They have salts that are a mix (that have CaCl2 in them, but nothing pure). Drug stores?
  17. Doc Robinson

    Water Profile Build - Is this how it works?

    I’m trying to brew a mild (balanced) “pale ale” with an SRM of between 5 & 7 (OG @ 1.040 and IBU @ 20). I have a tap water profile with: Ca @ 81 ppm Mg @ 27 ppm Alkalinity as CaCO3 @ 197 Using John Palmer's nomograph and formulas (as integrated into the EZ Water Adjustment...
  18. Doc Robinson

    Substitution: Pale Malt for Pilsner

    I'm going to be making a 10 gallon batch of Munich Helles that calls for 15 pounds of Pilsner. I'm trying to be thrifty and Pale malt at my LHBS is 1/2 the cost. How much of an impact with this really have? I know it won't be true to style (but it wasn't going to be anyway...I'm fermenting...
  19. Doc Robinson

    Fermentation Temperatures: Critical Periods?

    I have a Chest Freezer + Ranco Controller + Thermowell. I keep all my ale fermentations at 66 degrees. I keep my ales in the primary for 3-4 weeks*. My question: Once the "attenuative" stage is complete (typically 3-5 days for me...when the ferocity of the fermentation has substantially...
  20. Doc Robinson

    Name My Son (Another Poll)

    It's on YOU! Choose one or more. _