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  1. sudbuster

    1st brew excitement

    Congrates, dude! It only gets better and the fun keeps rockin'. best of luck..
  2. sudbuster

    How do you make a home brewer jealous?

    Well, what can I say! Sh!t, I'm Just so happy for you.
  3. sudbuster

    In Defense of a Secondary

    Yeah, here we go on another secondary, no secondary round. From my experience, a secondary won't hurt you, but, depending on the brew, it may be necessary. I brew lagers 90%. A lager will pick up a "yeast flavour" if left on the yeast too long. I move my beers when and where I like at any time I...
  4. sudbuster

    Low Attenuation - Can this IPA be saved?

    Fellow brewer, 156f is high but you should get a lower FG assuming, since this is an IPA, you used little or no crystal malt. You could try this: draw about a cup of brew into a sanitized jar large enough to allow foaming. Cover but do not oxygenate. Allow the co2 to dissipate. Start up a small...
  5. sudbuster

    Saison Biere de Saison

    148f for 75 min. Simple infusion.
  6. sudbuster

    Saison Biere de Saison

    All of my recipes on HBT have won some level of award in contests and this one is no different. It was submitted to and older (19 yrs ) contest consisting of about 400 entrants. The beer was awarded silver (39 points). The recipe was formulated from advice and info from Markowski's 'Farmhouse...
  7. sudbuster

    Blue stuff coming out of the keg??!

    Well all I can say is you should have taken the keg apart and scrubbed the livin' bejesus out of it. Rinse well and reassemble then give a Star San treatment. Lately I have begun boiling my kegs. Fill with water,open vent, drop into HLT fill HLT and turn on the heat. boil for at least ten min...
  8. sudbuster

    Pre Boil Gravity Fine - Post Boil Gravity Low

    Please understand, Beersmith is just a software tool and its results are theoretical. If YOU measured accurately, a 2 to 4 point difference is well within the expected outcome considering all of the parameters. Age of grain, temperature calibrations, mash temps and times, how precisely the...
  9. sudbuster

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    In the middle of the night you are awakened by the sounds of two cases of bottles exploding.
  10. sudbuster

    Generations of the Same Song

    Yep, "The Animals" made some good vibes back in the day. But with the new tech, stuff can be awesome.
  11. sudbuster

    Generations of the Same Song

    My Gawd, as old as I am, and I still like the "I Monster" version better. I'll retire now to chastise myself. :)
  12. sudbuster

    Man! I Love Saison!

    Man, that looks beautiful. If it tastes as good as it looks, you're a millionare. :)
  13. sudbuster

    I used old hops

    I presented a beer to a contest and was told I used old hops. They looked, smelled and tasted like fresh hops to me. But, who am I? Oh, the same beer was presented to another contest and took silver. Whatever, I liked it and it no longer is part of this world.
  14. sudbuster

    Mashed overnight

    Sorry for your loss, lad, but I would have done the same. Stay with your common sense and brew knowledge. Better brewing next time. Cheers..
  15. sudbuster

    Perfect Brew Day

    Well, lad, I'm happy you had a great brew day. Some of them can be a real PITA. But, when a good one comes around it's happy time! I hope you enjoy your new brew to the fullest. Cheers..
  16. sudbuster

    Miller High Life

    Dude, I'm liking your posts more and more. Keep up the good work. :mug:
  17. sudbuster

    Where in the world is EdWort?

    Yeah, it is sad to see a virtual friend just fade off into the fog. I have, in the past, sent him PM's without response. Called him all sorts of disreputable names for disappearing so abruptly. Nothing. Yeah, I miss him on HBt, What can you say or do? Lives change, people change. He was a...
  18. sudbuster

    Where to put the probe (3 buckets)

    Boy, you're leaving yourself open on this title.:)
  19. sudbuster

    Is there a beer you buy just for the bottles?

    Here is one use for grolsch bottles..
  20. sudbuster

    Man! I Love Saison!

    You got it. I love it with beer. :mug: