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  1. mgr_stl

    First POLYgyle BIAB

    Has anyone polygyled (not partigyled) to make a big beer using their BIAB setup? I've also seen this called "reiterated mashing". I'm about to give it a shot, and need some guidance. I'm brewing a 5.5 gallon batch of about 10% imperial stout this weekend in my 11 gallon pot using 26 pounds of...
  2. mgr_stl

    Long-lasting beer for keg number two

    I have a chest freezer that can hold two kegs. I always like to have something hoppy and fresh in one keg. This is the type of beer I tend to drink. Right now, in keg two, I've got a coconut chocolate sweet stout that is almost gone. I'd like to brew another beer for the second keg, but...
  3. mgr_stl

    High fermentation temperature for Wyeast 1318

    So I forgot to plug my chest freezer into my temperature controller yesterday when I put my carboy into the fermentation chamber. I pitched the starter of 1318 yeast at 65 degrees and it's been in there bubbling away aggressively since last night. When I realized my mistake, the temp of the...
  4. mgr_stl

    Cheap 5 lb CO2 tank

    Anyone know of a better deal than this including shipping (I have free prime shipping) on a 5 pound CO2 tank? Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Zebra DNA Luxfer L6X Aluminum CO2 Tanks with CGA320 on/off Valve (5 LB, Brushed) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0085282UK/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  5. mgr_stl

    Smallest Possible Chest Freezer

    I recently purchased a corny keg, and am trying to figure out the smallest possible chest freezer I can get in order to fit two corny kegs and a 5 pound CO2 canister. I am aware of the great thread on here with all the specs, but I was wondering if anyone had success using a 3.5 cubic foot...
  6. mgr_stl

    Competition Section in Forum?

    Is there a section of this forum devoted to competitions? Seems like there should be. If there is, I couldn't find it. I'm feeling kind of lazy right now, so I'll let someone else explain why this is a good idea. Or feel free to tell me this idea sucks. It's all good.
  7. mgr_stl

    Priming sugar's impact on gravity

    I recently measured the FG of a hefeweizen, and it was a decent amount higher than expected (1.016). I wanted to carbonate it pretty high as that is to style, so I used quite a bit of corn sugar for 5 gallons (7.2 ounces corn sugar). I measured the gravity after adding the priming sugar, so my...
  8. mgr_stl

    Underpitching Hefeweizens

    So I've heard the cool kids on the forums talking about underpitching yeast when brewing hefeweizens. Does this accentuate the banana/clove notes? Or is there another reason behind this idea?
  9. mgr_stl

    Fermentation Schedule - IIPA vs. IPA

    Do you folks generally have different fermentation schedules for brewing imperial versus regular IPAs? For example, I'm wondering if the imperial would benefit from sitting in the fermenter an extra week (for me that would mean three instead of two). I'd still dry hop for the last few days and...
  10. mgr_stl

    1 Gallon Recipe Request - Shiraz

    I've never made wine, but would like to give it a shot. Does anyone have a recipe for a 1-gallon batch of Shiraz? I'd like it to be good, so if I need to spend a little more on ingredients that's fine. Thanks!
  11. mgr_stl

    What size is the perfect box?

    I'm talking about shipping "yeast samples". Get your head out of the gutter ;) I'm looking to ship about 25 pounds of "yeast samples" from St Louis to Phoenix. The box I'm currently using is 19" x 14" x 12". Based on plugging that stuff into the websites, it looks like the cheapest Fedex...
  12. mgr_stl

    Equipment needed - Wine vs Beer

    I've brewed beer for four years, and would like to try out winemaking. What additional equipment would typically be needed that a beer brewer wouldn't already have?
  13. mgr_stl

    BIAB - Imperial IPA tips

    About to brew my first imperial IPA using my BIAB setup. I've heard of efficiency falling off sharply for big beers with BIAB. Any tips on how to get good numbers with big beers? I'll have some dry malt extract on hand in case I am not hitting my numbers around the end of the boil, and I...
  14. mgr_stl

    Quick turnaround stout recipe

    I know I should have brewed my obligatory winter stout long ago, but I didn't. Anyone have a recommended recipe for a favorite stout that doesn't need to age before drinking? Something that would be tasty even after just a couple weeks in the bottle (I bottle). Thanks!
  15. mgr_stl

    Stone Unfiltered IPA 12.25.16 Yeast

    Anyone know what yeast is in this beer? Is my assumption that I could harvest the yeast from this since it's unfiltered correct? Though maybe the high ABV could negatively impact the viability of the leftover yeast...
  16. mgr_stl

    Homebrew Basement Storage Design

    I've been enlisted to help a friend design his starting-from-scratch basement brewing gear storage / work station set-up. His basement is a walkout, so I envy that he won't need to lug burners and kettles (and everything else) up stairs on brew days. I'd say looking for more functional than...
  17. mgr_stl

    Propagating yeast from a new vial

    I'm getting a vial (or pouch, not sure how it's packaged) of omega DIPA yeast (conan, I believe) and I was hoping to use a stir plate to propagate the yeast so that I can get several jars to freeze out of the single vial. Can someone point me in the right direction as far as a resource goes...
  18. mgr_stl

    Ekuanot HBC 366 American Pale Ale - AHA Free Hops

    Just curious if anyone has brewed the recipe provided by the AHA in order to use the hops they recently (still?) offered for renewing membership. https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/homebrew-recipe/ych-hops-american-pale-ale/ I just got my free hops this week, and might brew it this...
  19. mgr_stl

    Immersion Heater

    I tried brewing my first small batch a couple weeks ago, and one of the main problems I ran into was getting a rolling boil on my electric glass stovetop. I'd say I got more of a simmer. So I'm looking to get an immersion heating element to supplement the electric range to get a stronger boil...
  20. mgr_stl

    BIAB Thermometer

    After wasting money on several crappy thermometers, I'm looking to get a higher-quality one. I've been looking at the ChefAlarm and Thermapen. I'm also open to other options. I know both of these are well regarded, but I was hoping for a pure BIAB perspective on this topic. I do like the...