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  1. cheesehed007

    At what level should I carb this?

    So I'm nearing bottling time. And I'm unsure how much bottling sugar to use for this. I'm thinking I should carb at 3 vol. Whata think? I've kept it at about 65deg. http://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/allgrain/BIAB-AG-DeBelge.pdf Sent from my van, down by the river.
  2. cheesehed007

    First time hearing of this. Growler exchange...

    We spent this past weekend up north at my in laws. My mother in law picked this up for me (I love her). She explained that she bought the growler then had a choice of beers to fill it with. Man what a great idea. Anybody else have this by them...
  3. cheesehed007

    Please join me and raising a glass tonight.

    8 years ago my best friend since almost birth, passed away. Just days before his 46th birthday. He was one of those rare friends who would say yes before you asked for help. We grew up just 2 houses away. We were truly Twin Sons of Different Mothers. So here's to Tim, my brother from another...
  4. cheesehed007

    Can I trust this gravity sample?

    Hello, I just finished my first BIAB and took this sample. The reading is at 1.070.. Target is 1.060.. I let it cool in the fridge to get to temp and the sample had separated with trub filling about 2/3 of the tube. I mixed it up to see if reading were different.. They weren't by much... Whata...
  5. cheesehed007


    Just want to give a shout out to WilserBrewer I ordered a BIAB bag and hop bags and a pulley. I received everything in a very timely manner. The workmanship is bar none. I just received my new brew kettle yesterday and the bag fits perfectly! Please don't hesitate to order, you won't be...
  6. cheesehed007

    Feeling so proud.

    For Christmas I gave my oldest daughters husband and my youngest daughters boyfriend each a 1 gallon kit from NB. And this weekend was brew day for each of them. They now have brews happily bubbling away... Can't wait to taste the fruits of their labor. Cheers!
  7. cheesehed007

    Cold activated bottle caps, who's tried them?

    Happy Saturday all! So, while I was at my LHBS today I saw they had these cold activated caps. As I needed caps I picked some up. Has anyone used them before? Just wondering how good they work... Cheers! http://www.ldcarlson.com/public%20catalog/Chapter%2005.htm#Beer%20Bottle%20Caps
  8. cheesehed007

    This has nothing to do with beer, but...

    This the coolest fan set up I've seen. It's in a customers lake house. Cheers.
  9. cheesehed007

    My vote for coolest tap tower

    Saw this posted on my FB page. Way cool if you ask me.. Cheers
  10. cheesehed007

    One if these is not like the other...

    Was out shopping and came across this. So technically it is imported being how it wasn't brewed in Wisconsin. Cheers!
  11. cheesehed007

    Whats growing in my carboy?

    So I got up and checked on my beer I brewed on Saturday. And found this. Seems to be growing from the neck down. Hope I didn't screw up but I soaked a cloth in star San a wiped it out, then soaked my brush and cleaned as close to the krousen as I could. So whadda think? Guess I'll see what's...
  12. cheesehed007

    Cleaning out pipeline

    Don't you love cleaning out somebody else's pipeline? At a friends and drinking up their reserves Cheers.
  13. cheesehed007

    Are some brews doomed from the start?

    Ok, so back in August I brewed up NB FixedGear clone. Brew day was rushed. A few minor irritating mishaps along the way. Because of something that came up, it took almost 9 hours before I could pitch the yeast. Now close to 1 month after bottling it's not carbed... Tastes good but flat. I...
  14. cheesehed007

    What can i soak my vanilla beans in?

    Hello all. I have a Porter fermenting and have 5 vanilla beans to add to it. I'm just wondering if some liquor works better then others. It seems bourbon is the go to for most. Has anyone tried Southern Comfort? Thanks for you help.
  15. cheesehed007

    I love shopping

    Gotta love Wisconsin. Cheers!
  16. cheesehed007

    Question for my Wisconsin Brew Brothers/Sisters

    We're taking our son back to UW Platteville tomorrow and then going to see our daughter in Green Bay and then on to my inlaw's up by Superior. We taking a week to make this trip. So on to my question, what places should we seek out after we drop him off? I'm looking for out of the main stream...
  17. cheesehed007

    Well that sure was a lot of trub..

    I just transferred my NB FixedGear beer to secondary. This is the trub left over. 1st time I've had this much... Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! Cheers.
  18. cheesehed007


    Ok so it's Friday night, date night. In Wisconsin that means going out for Fish Fry. So we go to a local supper club, good food, good service... We sit at the bar and wait for our table. SWMBO orders her drink, I ask bartender, "what do you have in an IPA"? He looks at me and says, "what's an...
  19. cheesehed007

    Benefits of a 90 min boil?

    I'm doing Northern Brewer's Lakefront Fixed Gear American Red Ale. And the sheet calls for a 90 min boil. Being this is an extract kit. Wouldn't that caramelize the wort more? Also should I also do late addition of LME? This kit has 9.15 lbs of Gold malt syrup. Here's a link to the sheet. Thanks...
  20. cheesehed007

    Fun way to empty my pipe line

    Long read so opt out now unless your bored. Back around the beginning of the year I was talking to an old childhood friend. He mentioned that every year he does a bicycle ride to help raise founds for a veterans memorial. So with out hesitation I said I'd meet him at the end and bring the beer...