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  1. Piratwolf

    Smoked Apricot (American) Wheat Beer?

    Hey, all! For some reason I've become obsessed with making a VERY lightly smoked Apricot Wheat beer. I can picture the taste in my head--a hint of smoke under the apricot skin/flesh flavor--and want to make it a seasonal one-off for the coming fall. Has anyone tried this or something similar...
  2. Piratwolf

    New Hop XPA advice

    I've been avoiding a lot of the newer hop varieties for a year or two while I got my game down. Now I'm ready to experiment & going to brew an XPA (~6.5%) with a ton of late hops & whirlpool hops. What I'm hoping is to get advice on the varieties you have tried and how they play together...
  3. Piratwolf

    Wort chilling question--possibly stupid...

    O I was just talking to a local pro brewer about chilling w/ glycol thru a plate chiller & it reminded me of something I've often wondered about: what negative effects would come from knocking out through a plate chiller that returned the wort to the brew kettle and simply cycling that through...
  4. Piratwolf

    Vittles Vault 50# on sale

    $39.99 at Pet Smart :)
  5. Piratwolf

    Kansas City beer bars?

    I'm in downtown KC for the week. Hoping to visit Boulevard & I'm 2 blocks from the Flying Saucer. Any suggestions in other must-visit craft beer spots? Cheers!
  6. Piratwolf

    NHC Social Club hours?

    Good afternoon! My HB club has volunteered to do a shift at the 2013 "Liberty Well" Social Club and I got an email asking what hours/days we'd prefer. The problem is that I can't find any info on the hours the social suite is open. Does anyone have any inside info? Cheers! Pirat
  7. Piratwolf

    What beers are you taking to Philly?

    Work sucks, weather's gross, got no money... so I'm passing the time by dreaming of NHC, and it got me wondering: what beers are you taking to Philly? :rockin: For sure: West Coast Imperial Red Bourbon Barrel RIS French Oaked Old Ale Tart Cherry Farmhouse Braggot Spring Citrus Saison...
  8. Piratwolf

    NHC tickets 2013

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what time NHC tickets go on sale. I know it's Feb 5th, but are we talking 12:01am, 9am, noon, or what? And is it Eastern time, Central, etc? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  9. Piratwolf

    2 of 3 kegs won't pour?

    Tried to search for this, but got nothing--so I'm hoping the HBT heroes can help. I've got a keezer with three taps that's been working great. I've also been using the same kegs, regulator, lines, etc., successfully. So you can imagine my frustration when suddenly two of my kegs won't pour...
  10. Piratwolf

    BJCP category for Tart Cherry Farmhouse Braggot

    Any suggestions? Belgian specialty? Fruit beer? Cat23?
  11. Piratwolf

    Craft beer spots in Myrtle Beach, SC?

    My wife & I are doing a week in MB. Can anyone point us at a good bar or pub for local craft brews or at least a decent selection of regional stuff? Cheers! -pirat
  12. Piratwolf

    Quick Brett Brux questions

    So I want to venture into the world of Brett yeast. I have ~3gal of Belgian Golden Strong fermenting on Belgian Strong Ale yeast and it has slowed a bit at 1.024. I'm considering racking off the BSA yeast and fermenting the rest with Brett Bruxellensis. 1) Is that a reasonable amount of...
  13. Piratwolf

    Scaling up recipes

    O I've heard pro brewers talk about the fact that scaling up a recipe at some point becomes nonlinear. For instance, utilization of dark malts at some point apparently levels out so that you only increase base malts and not specialty malts (or something like that). Does anyone know the magic...
  14. Piratwolf

    Porter hop input

    Hey, HBT! Gonna brew a robust porter this weekend & split into 2 fermenters. One will be straight robust porter for a comp. The other I'm going to add Vanilla & cold-pressed coffee, then maybe age on French oak chips. I'm going with Glacier hops b/c I think the earthy, slightly floral notes...
  15. Piratwolf

    Insights on BJCP judge comments (not hating!)

    Got two comments from a competition this weekend that I'm hoping you all can help me understand. And I'm really interested in understanding, not beyatching--I just passed the written exam and want to understand as much as possible. 1. My Saison won 1st out of 41 entries in Belgian/French...
  16. Piratwolf

    Session beer from 1st runnings?

    This may be crazy, and I'm just spitballing here; hoping y'all can poke holes in this theory before I try it out. Here goes.... I'm questing for the holy grail (no, not the hot librarian stripper w/ heart of gold and classy public demeanor...the OTHER holy grail!): a session beer under 5%...
  17. Piratwolf

    Fact check: PBW vs Oxyclean

    Greetings, HBT! I was listening to an interview with the head of FiveStar (StarSan). He stated that PBW is superior to Oxyclean b/c the latter lacks a chelating agent and a surfactant. Can anyone back this up? And more importantly, how important is a chelator? Thanks for any insight! --pirat
  18. Piratwolf

    Adding DME during fermentation?

    Hey, all! Brewed a Lil' Sumpin' Sumpin' clone-ish yesterday & was alarmed to find my OG at 1.046 rather than 1.068. (new mill--clearly time to mind the gap!) Anyway, I decided to just run with it b/c I had a meeting. Now I'm wondering if I can boil some DME or corn sugar & add it to the...
  19. Piratwolf

    Has homebrew changed your tastes in beer?

    'm not looking to start a BMC-bash here. That's been done to death. The occasion for my post is that I just sat down with a Loose Seas Heavy Cannon IPA. It's been my go to beer for a couple years now when I hit Friday happy hour after work. It's bright, bitter, and hoppy... Plus you get a...
  20. Piratwolf

    Are we working too hard?

    So I'm listening to CYBI on process cloning, only to hear the remarkable information that Tasty McDole always uses a 9 gallon strike when he's brewing his standard 12 gal batch. No matter what grain bill--session pale ale or RIS--this master of cloning and creator of Janet's Brown never changes...