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    All Grain Newbee needs help! MLT - how are they assembled?

    Been making good beer for 3-4 years now (not counting the horse-p*ss I made in college 45 yrs ago!), and am moving up to all grain. I have all the equipment, but the orange mash tun and sparge tank don't come with any instructions for the included valves. Oddly the sparge sprinkler is well...
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    Brewing mead or "honey beer"

    I need some help. I've been brewing for a year now with great success using the partial mash method. Good beer, everyone loves it. I wanted to make some holiday brew that was mildly sweet and raspberry flavored. I figured I could make it just like homebrew, but instead of grains and DME, I...
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    Strange problem in my brew today - help!

    I need some help! I'm on my 10th batch, all have been successful so far. I use partial grain recipes. Well, today I steeped the grains as usual and the result looked fine. Then I added 7 lbs of light, unhopped DME which seemed to disolve just fine. I brought it to the boil, and started to...
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    Bottle conditioning for real?

    I am pretty much a beginner - with 3 throw away batches, and 5 really good partial grain batches - I get them right now. I felt that if the carbonation was ready, the beer was ready, so this weekend my kids and I and families drank all of my brew stock from the last 3 brews. One last bottle...
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    Hefe Weizen Clarity question

    Hey guys. Brewing my first HefeWeizen and have a question. I racked it out of my frementer to a carboy so I could watch the last of the fermentation, and it is a very cloudy brew. Beautiful gold but cloudy color, excellent taste, just perfect except for the extra cloudiness at this stage. (I...
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    fermenter question

    Am finishing up a brew in a new fermenter, a 6-1/2 gallon thick plastic fermenter with two ball valves, one at the bottom of the cone and one just to the top of the cone for bottling, I guess. I started with 5-1/2 gallons of brew, but by trying to drain off the lees I have ended up with only...
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    Draining off lees with new fermenter

    I need some advice here, please. I just purchased a fancy fermenter that holds 6-1/2 gallons and has two spigots, one for draining the lees (or junk from the bottom - it is cone shaped at the bottom), and one for bottling. The instructions say to drain off the lees every day, but I really...
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    Using Irish Moss

    I've finally gotten good brew by using partial mash brewing - with good fresh grains steeped for 20-30 minutes before adding DME and various hops. Getting started with fresh and properly steeped grain has given my brew the "body" I needed to make it just the way I wanted (along with fresh...
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    How much brew per week?

    I am very curious to see how much people consume of their brew every week, even though I'm sure my wife won't be convinced that I should have more!
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    Method for Leaf Hops in Brewing

    Okay, I 've gotten some very good advice about storing 4 pounds of fresh leaf hops (most recent harvest), now I'm going to use a few of them. I have always steeped the hops in a bag, but I'm wondering why that is necessary when you can just filter them out at the last step into the fermenter...
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    Homebrew Evaluation form

    Hi Everyone! I really enjoy this forum, and have learned a lot. I've finally brewed a really good batch, good enough to give away to people to try. (I used a Mac & Jack clone recipe for African Amber - a local brewery in Redmond, WA). I'm getting rave reviews from family, but I want to take...
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    Cost of a good pint of ale in your area?

    I'm interested in what people are paying in other parts of the country for a good pint of ale. My favorite (except for my own Singer's April Amber) is Mac & Jack's from Redmond, WA. It sells here for $3.75 a pint in just about every pub (the Seattle/Bellevue area in Washington State)...
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    Storing leaf hops

    I just purchased four pounds of leaf hops (4 varieties) from a hop grower in my state. I've used the little 1-oz packages for brewing, but these are HUGE 1-pound sealed packages. Each is about the size of a pillow. I'm making the standard 5-gal quantities, and want to store these darned...