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    rubbery aroma?

    A couple of my friends and I brew together and we have made a lot of beer over the coarse of o year. We have had great success making good beer. Recently though we have had a few batches come out with a rubbery smell only after bottling though. Not sure what this could be coming from. It taste...
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    nugget nectar

    I have seen a couple threads on how to clone the NN. Have not seen a definate recipe or any final comparison between the real thing and the homebrew. If anyone has made this and it came out really close I would love to see what hop schedule was used. On the Troegs site the say the hops used are...
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    natural carbonating in a keg

    Just made my first beer that I plan on kegging. Never used a keg before and dont have any CO2 tanks for forced carbonating. Was wondering if I use the same amount of priming sugar for kegging as I would if I were bottling. I am using a 5gal corny keg. Thanks for any info!:mug:
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    when will they be ready?!

    I was wondering if anyone had any input on when to harvest the cones. What should I be looking for to know they are mature and ready to be picked? I am sure that they have some more time left on them but I am curious. Thanks for all the info.
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    droopy plant

    I am a first year hop grower. I have a few hop plants and they all seemed to be doing fine. My two cascades are doing awesome! I also have a nugget that is doing great also but my willamette is having some problems. At first it seemed to have a potassium deficiancy wich I corrected and seemed to...
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    moldy rhizomes?

    My friend that I brew with got his brother to order some hops to grow for us....nice right.... Well he ordered 3 centennial and 3 nuggets. I am not sure wich ones have the mold but I heared that 2 of the rhizomes were kind of moldy. One only had a little and the other was considerably more I...
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    what would you do about seedy hops?

    I got a couple ounces of whole hops from my LHBS and after using about half of hem in a batch I found seeds in them. What should I do? The only concern I really have is the weight being off because of the seeds weighing so much. Anybody ever come across this problem?
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    reusing the yeast cake

    I am about to brew a barley wine for the frst time and was wondering about using my yeast cake from an oatmeal stout that I recently made. I saved a large portion of the yeast and put it in the fridge. My question is... Should I add some starter wort to that a couple days ahead of time to get it...
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    5.2 ph stabilizer

    Anyone ever use the 5.2 PH stabilizer by five star? I was looking in to it and was not sure exactly how you use it. I am brewing a 5.5 gallon all grain batch. WHat woulp I add to the water? I am using 9.3 gallons of water total for a 6.29 gal boil volume.:mug:
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    my first sprouts!!!

    Woke up this morning and went out to check the garden and I was happy to find my first rhizome has sprouted. It is a Cascade. I put up a small fence to help keep animals out. Hope to see some more growth soon.:)
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    first wort hop additions

    This is a newb question I guess... I have a recipe that calls for a first wort hop addittion. I just throw the hops into the brew pot when I am draining my mash tun into it right? Then do I boil them for the whole boil or remove them before? The recipe calls for a 75 min total boil. Hope to brew...
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    how much will fit?

    just started doin all grain on our last batch and so far so good. I have a 5 gallon round igloo cooler with a false bottom. just made a pale ale with a 9 lb grain bill and no problems. I kno I can fit a lot more just curious if anyone knows the maximum amout of grain that can be mashed is such a...
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    I am gonna do it!

    My brew buddies and I are going to start our 7th batch today and I think we are going to take the plunge into all grain. We have a mash tun and a lauter tun all we need is a pot and an outdoor burner.....heading to Bass Pro Shop in a couple hours to pick up a 60,000 btu turkey fryer. Then I am...
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    Stoudt's American Pale Ale clone

    My buddies and I are interested in making a clone of the Stoudt's American Pale Ale Hoping that some one may know a recipe. If any one has any input it would be nice. Thanxs:)
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    no shoots ok?

    I am a first time hop grower this year, jus got my rhizomes in the ground today... I planted 2 cascade, 1 centennial, 1 nugget, and 1 willamette. The willamette and the cascade already had chutes gowing when I planted them. The nugget and centennial had no evidence of growth....is that okay...
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    When planting the hops does anyone check their soil PH? I hope to get my little hopplings in the ground today just want to make sure they are healthy. I plan to till a plot in my back yard and mix in some cow manure and earthworm castings. If I need to test ph what would be the best way to do it...
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    when is it too late?

    A friend and I are going to grow hops for the first time. We ordered rhizomes from Freshops.com. We are waiting on the to arive via mail. How long do I have before it is too late to plant them. I live in VA and we ordered 2 cascade,1 centennial, 1 willamette, and 1 nugget.
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    any extra rhizomes?

    Hi everybody. My friend and I just bought 5 rhizomes. 2 Cascade, 1 Centennial, 1 Willamette, and 1 nugget. We plan on making a lot of IPA. I was wondering if there was any one near Richmond, VA who had any extra rhizomes, of any kind really, that they really need to get rid of. I would love to...
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    nocturnal emission homebrew styles

    Good morning homebrewers! I am currently brewing my 6th batch, Ipswich Oatmeal Stout clone. Brewed it friday and used my new aeration stone along with my wyeast american ale yeast that had been on my mixing plate for about 60 hours. I was very exited as I have never had a fermentaion where the...
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    happy day

    Well today did not start off how I planned. I took the day off work to get started early on my brew. Then as I was about to get started my plans got totally ruined. The fuel pump went out on my car so I did not get sarted till late. I guess it is ok though because I did get to brew my Ipswich...