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  1. kscarrington

    95% RIMS Build

    I call it a 95% RIMS build, because I will provide all of the components, however the wiring is DIY. I'm attaching a screenshot of the individual components. Additionally I can include the gray waterproof plastic housing that I used for my setup, a large emergency stop switch, individual...
  2. kscarrington

    First sour saison

    Towards the end of this week I plan on brewing my first sour. The base beer will be a saison that I intend to ferment with Wyeast 3724 Belgian saison, then rack into secondary with Wyest 3753 Roesalare Blend. Months down the road, and before bottling, I plan on racking it onto some cherries...
  3. kscarrington

    New Brewing TV

    Just finished downloading and watching the new BTV platform. It was a short 10-minute episode on summer serving techniques. For me it's too early to tell how it will turn out. Obviously it's never going to be what it was, so I'm still looking forward to future episodes to see how it all plays...
  4. kscarrington

    My RIMS

    Well, after several months of planning and research, I've placed orders for the primary components for my RIMS system. 12" stainless RIMS tube from BobbyM, Auber SYL-4352 PID, 25 amp SSR, heat sink, and 2.5" RTD sensor, 120V/1500W low density hearing element, and Chugger pump. Now to start...
  5. kscarrington

    Question about submitting a style for competition

    I'm in the process of submitting a couple of my beers for a local competition. The competition is limited to specific styles. I have a pale ale and an amber that I'm entering, and most likely a porter as well. I have a nut brown that is really good, though the competition doesn't have anything...
  6. kscarrington

    Looking for some lager advise

    Last Friday was Brew #30 and my first lager. It was Jamil's Bohemian Pilsner, OG was 1.062, pitched a rehydrated packet of Saflager S23 onto 58° wort, then placed the carboy into a freezer that had been stabilized at 50° for 2 days prior. It took about 2 days to see a healthy krausen on top of...
  7. kscarrington

    kscarrington Spent Grain Recipes

    I've received several requests for some of these recipes, so rather than simply cut and paste I decided to post this in a new thread. The base recipe I have been using is from America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook - American Sandwich Bread recipe as shown below. If you already have a...
  8. kscarrington

    Wooden 6-pack carrier

    I don't recall who posted pictures of something similar a few weeks ago - but thanks for the inspiration! This is my take on it, I layered hem fir and oak for a little color contrast. I used 5" long 1/4" eye bolts to hold the project together as well as anchor the rope handle. I used an...
  9. kscarrington

    Can you literally burn out a fermometer?

    So today while preparing to pitch the yeast on my stout, I noticed that the fermometer wasn't reading anything. I knew my pitching temps were within range so I went ahead and pitched. The last time I poured wort into that fermenter, I didn't open up the valve on the waterline enough, and the...
  10. kscarrington

    Holiday ale feedback

    I'm making a holiday cranberry ale for the upcoming holiday season. I used the pike all acquaintance ingredients as the base, then adjusted based on the ingredients I have on hand. I plan on brewing this tomorrow and this is really the first brew I'm doing "on my own". Anything seem too far off?
  11. kscarrington

    Time to repitch?

    Brewed up a 5-gallon BIAB batch of nut brown ale yesterday, expected OG was 1.046, I hit 1.045. I did a starter with Wyeast 1028, but the starter didn't perform as my previous batches did. I shouldn't have second guessed myself, but I had a tight time frame to pitch before work and preferred...
  12. kscarrington

    Any recipe feedback?

    Tomorrow I'm going to brew up the West Coast Blaster California Red Ale from Brewing Classic Styles. It'll be an all-grain BIAB. I'm going to have to make some slight substitutions so I thought I'd out it out for some collective feedback. Below is the base recipe with my intended modifications...
  13. kscarrington

    BBQ feedback

    Had some friends over last night to enjoy a BBQ of pork short ribs, burgers, hotdogs, and all the fixings. It was also my first opportunity to showcase the kegerator "in public". I picked up a few 6ers of craft brew just to give a wider selection of the 4 brews I had available. It was refreshing...
  14. kscarrington

    A day of firsts

    Today was by far the most interesting brew day to date. It was the first time I was able to use my Glock box stir plate for my starter. It was my first BIAB. It was my first brew with my new 10 gallon aluminum kettle. It was my first IPA. It was the first batch to use my homemade counter flow...
  15. kscarrington

    Tick tock

    I just placed 2 cornies of beer into my kegerator this morning. I mixed priming sugar in with the kegs to let them condition at about 68 degrees (2 weeks for the pale mild, 3 weeks for the coffee porter). I'm giving them a week to carb and cool, and next Sunday I will be pulling pints to...
  16. kscarrington

    Taps through the front of a mini fridge

    As much as I would love to build even a basic keezer, due to space I'm instead looking at converting a small fridge. Almost all of the designs I see have towers coming out the top. Is there any reason to not route the taps through the front of the door?
  17. kscarrington

    Glock box?

    I have slowly been acquiring the parts to make a DIY sir plate. So far the only container I've got around the house that has been jumping out at me is a couple of empty Glock boxes, as I've had at least one model of Glock at or near my side for the last 14 years. I was just curious if anyone...
  18. kscarrington

    Pipeline establishment

    After today, it feels like the pipeline has been officially established. There's some residual Caribou Slobber remaining in the closet, the Phat Tyre was ready today (and quite delicious as well), racked the Midnight Porter into the secondary onto some cold steeped coffee, and brewed a full...
  19. kscarrington

    My Craigslist find

    Over the past couple months I've been looking into what it would take to get into kegging. Unfortunately shipping to Alaska usually costs as much, if not more, than the cost of the items. I've been keeping a pretty close eye on Craigslist with no luck so far. This morning, after I put my PS2 on...
  20. kscarrington

    Coffee, vanilla, or leave it

    Last night I brewed NB's Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter. Anyone have any experience with this brew? I've been wanting to make either a vanilla or coffee porter for some time now. Would this batch be a good one to toss additional flavoring with, or is it best on its own?