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    dogfish head

    I would like to no the recipe as well.
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    American Craft Beer Grows Again!

    I am doing my part. I have recently came of age (a month ago) so it is nice to be able to go buy my own beer now. I have been buying specialty beers at the local grocery store (Kroger) and my college roomates are getting hooked. During our last trip, we all bought different beers and swapped...
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    Hornsby Amber Draft Cider

    I know nothing about making cider (only beer), but my sisters and mother insist that I try to make them something similar to this drink. I make my brother and dad beer, so I think I should make something for my mom and sisters. I appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Storing Ingredients

    I have recently purchased my malted barley, hops, yeast, etc and I was wondering how everyone stores it. Do you leave the malted barley in the sacks they come in or do you put them in something else? I just want to make sure I keep my ingredients fresh. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I downloaded it a last week, I haven't had a whole lot of time to mess with it yet. I have finals next week, been a little bit too busy. Looking forward to using it though.
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    Co2 Pressure Regulator

    Where did you get your two 20 lbs tanks at? I am looking at getting a couple myself
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    Brewing Up a Business

    I can hardly sit this book down. Written by the owner of Doghead Fish Brewing Co, Sam Calagione. He talks about the adventures of starting your own brew pub and gives advice to others wishing to do the same. I recommend this book to anyone, even to those who aren't homebrewers. It is both...
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    The Big Book of Beer

    Interesting book. It is not a book you read, it is one you skim through for fun. Contains a lot of trivial misc information that you could bring up while at the bar.
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    Strong brew ?

    It is actually http://www.moonshine-still.com/. Of course I was just checking it out for educational purposes. ;)
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    Favorite Base Grain

    I believe 6 row is harder to grow than the 2 row as well. This might account for lack of use.
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    About to buy a kettle

    I am going to have to stop in at Sabco, I just checked it on mapquest and it is only 4 miles from my house at school. It is going to be like a kid in a candy store. :)
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    Must say quite chuffed

    The drunk reviews are always better than the sober ones, especially from those who are use to carbonated water. I had mix results this weekend at a party. At the beginning of the nite, I had mix reactions. When everyone was a little more liquored up, I told them i have a different batch. And...
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    forums back

    Glad to see it back
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    Maibock anyone???

    "Homebrew Favorites" and "More Homebrew Favorites" contain around 240 and 260 each. They contain a wide variety of recipes. Ales to Lagers, fruit beers to Porters. You might want to look into purchasing these books online.
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    Mexican Cerveza

    Thanks for the recipe DeRoux's Broux. I might have to give that one a shot. How did yours turn out?
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    All grain honey brown recipe

    Thanks for the help. I will give it a shot. I am a young brewer, so I am not really sure as to what you mean by a little carastan, a little flaked wheat, and a little crystal 10-120. Could you give me an estimate as to the quantity of each. The reciped calls for 2 lbs of clover honey as...
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    primary to secondary chill

    If I understand you correctly, you are brewing a lager beer. If you do this, I think you will shock your yeast and potentially kill them. It should be a slow process. You should drop the temperature a couple of degrees each day until you reach the desire lagering temperature.
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    Rhizomes are in!

    Bought the rhizomes from fresh hops. They are coming out of the ground now. Putting up the support system was a lot of fun.
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    All grain honey brown recipe

    First off I want to say how great this forum is, I am so glad i found it. Second, I have only been brewing for a couple of months, but I am ready to start an all grain lager. I found a reciped in "More Homebrew Favorites", but it calls for 4 lbs of Superbrau unhopped amber malt extract. Could...