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  1. silvervan83

    brew babes

    My girlfriend was on vacation and when she got back she looked through the history and found brew babes. she is pretty p.o'd!!! any of you have this problem?
  2. silvervan83

    My whole setup

    Times are tough and this is a sacrifice I have to make. Homebrew Rig HERMS System
  3. silvervan83

    Maerzen yeast starter smells sour

    Its been 4 days and now its starting to smell sour. "What do I do?" - Marty Chang
  4. silvervan83

    Fermenter question

    There is a local car wash that has about 50 of these: Google Image Result for http://www.yankeecontainers.com/y2khelp/15ct.jpg for $2 each. I already use the blue ones, that LME comes in, for fermenters. So the only question is..... the ones at the car wash have a "corrosive" sticker on...
  5. silvervan83

    How tight is your twine?

    I strung my twine up and left it slightly loose. Not hanging or dragging but loose enough that the wind blows them 4-6 inches side to side. Is that OK? or should they be tight.
  6. silvervan83

    I can't see straight

    I think I need new glasses............................ Or, I'm drunk. Living on venus would suck.
  7. silvervan83

    Double Dead Guy Ale Clone

    Trying to replicate a double dead guy base on the stats in this link. Rogue Ales So here's what I came up with. malt and fermentables % LB OZ Malt or Fermentable ppg °L 65% 22 0 American Two-row Pale info 37 1 24% 8 0 American Munich info 33 10 12%...
  8. silvervan83

    My Dunkel Weizen problem

    Batch Size: 10 gal. 9lb wheat 6lb 2-row 4lb chocolate 1lb biscuit 2oz. Goldings (60 min) 1oz. Goldings (10 min) American Hefeweizen yeast I recently (5 weeks ago) brewed a dunkel that I THOUGHT was infected due to the fermentation vessel I used. It smelled like a septic tank...
  9. silvervan83

    The bigger dance

    Anybody participate in the Bigger Dance. (950kjr.com) Who's in your final 4? I got: Megan Fox Adriana Lima Jessica Alba Carrie Underwood
  10. silvervan83

    Is this a craigslist scam?

    I have my silver van for sale. I got an email yesterday from a guy wanting to know if it was still for sale and I told him it was. He emailed this response: I really appreciate your response to my email. I want you to consider it sold, pls do withdraw the advert from CL to avoid...
  11. silvervan83

    So... How much would it cost?

    A friend of mine is bought a bar. He is refurbishing it and getting ready to open this summer. I brew beer. I would love to be able to have some beers on tap at his bar but I can't produce enough quantity with what I have now to get everyone in Renton (suburb of Seattle) drunk...
  12. silvervan83

    Time machine

    If you were transported back in time (ie 1400s ) with all the beer knowledge you have now... would you brew? How would you do it : what would you use for a mash tun? ect? Where would you find hops and malt? Wild yeast? Fermentation vessel? Do you think a piece of leather with a...
  13. silvervan83

    Would gravity readings differ from top to bottom?

    I had a buddy over the other night and was explaining the process to him. We were talking about knowing when fermentation was done and I explained the hydrometer and taking readings. He asked me something that kind of got me thinking... Would a reading from the top of your vessel be different...
  14. silvervan83

    Pitching different yeast?

    I've got 20 gallons going. One is a wheat the other is an amber lager (kolsch yeast). Its been 7 days and the wheat went from 1.061 to 1.021 The kolsch went from 1.064 to 1.022. How good/bad of an idea is it to pitch an ale yeast on the kolsch after bringing it up to 68?
  15. silvervan83

    Show us your Ride

    I'll start.
  16. silvervan83

    Mini Heart attack?

    Ever feel like your heart is stopping for a minute to push through a piece of bacon or a chunk of that big mac you had yesterday. It happens to me. freaks me out too. :eek:
  17. silvervan83

    When 15 year olds get tattoos

    My babysitter came and was so excited to tell us that.... her boyfriend got a tattoo!!! He's 15. I then told her that her BF is a freakin idiot. I asked to see a picture of it. How "sucsessful" do you think this [email protected] is gonna be.
  18. silvervan83

    Can I use this glass?

    Stumbled on this in a Goggle search. For 4 of these plus shipping is $17. Westwood Products H1-14 5/8" OD x 14"
  19. silvervan83

    DIY false bottom

    I made this for less than $6. http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/grp/1022630334.html (groups) The idea is to use the 1/2 coupler I have welded on the bottom of the keg. I'm going to put a 3" nipple (with holes drilled in it) in the coupler, slide the false bottom over the top and hold the FB...
  20. silvervan83

    I'll woop you @ss at Guitar hero

    Yep, you heard it. 5 stars on expert. There is no beating that so..... Don't even go there.