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  1. AndytheBeave

    Post your infection

    you know what? Screw it. I'm drinking it. If the hydrometer sample didn't kill me......
  2. AndytheBeave

    Post your infection

    yeah I am in new territory here. At first I was bummed out. The beer is using Pilsner malt, white wheat, a hint of crystal 20 and a touch of munich. It's pretty heavily hopped and is on day 10 of fermentation. I only noticed the bubbles when I was about to check gravity and went "oh oh". That...
  3. AndytheBeave

    Post your infection

    The weird thing is that pic was taken 3 days ago. Most of those bubbles are gone now. There are a couple of the hazy ones left but they are shrinking. Maybe there is still yeast in there that is competing with some bacteria and winning? I am thinking of going with it. Dry hop it and keg it up...
  4. AndytheBeave

    Post your infection

    my first ever infection. Not sure what it is. Doesn't taste bad though. Although it smells a bit like weed.
  5. AndytheBeave

    Ss Brewtech’s Biggest Baddest Holiday Giveaway Ever!

    Wow. In! Edit. Nevermind. I'm in the great white north eh. Feel free to delete this post.
  6. AndytheBeave

    Anybody else batch sparge with room temp water?

    You guys are turning my world upside here! Gotta try this.
  7. AndytheBeave

    Easy Kegs and Mini Kegs

    This looks like a really neat way to do mini "cask" conditioned ales. The thing that is so cool about it is that it is only 5L - which is doable over 3-4 days. What a great way to serve up small batches. Maybe it's time to do a small stovetop BIAB and try this out. I think this would be a good...
  8. AndytheBeave

    2 Week Primary & Then Keg

    Yep depending on the recipe. I usually base my recipes around a turn around time almost exactly like this. In fact I have a nut brown ale going right now that will most likely be g to g in 15 days (give or take a day). Just remember that the calendar does not tell you when the beer is done...
  9. AndytheBeave

    Belgians and why my US-05 beer tastes like them

    what was the fermentation temp? What was the OG and FG? Your primary time makes me raise my eyebrows... But, nine days in primary might be ok provided fermentation was complete and you gave the yeast a chance to clean up. It could also be too soon - did you check final gravity a couple of times...
  10. AndytheBeave

    My beers named after your posts

    I've read a lot of books Kolsch
  11. AndytheBeave

    Deep Drunken Thoughts

    Just a guess, but I am thinking that a tremendous amount of beer may have been involved. Thanks for waking me up by the way.
  12. AndytheBeave

    To keg or not to keg??

    This is a simple question to resolve. Do you want beer on tap at home or not? If you do, then keg. Even if you get out of the home brew hobby, you can easily switch the system over to commercial kegs. If you don't care about having a tap at home, then bottle. I did things kind of ass-backwards...
  13. AndytheBeave

    Assume for a moment that you live on an island

    I live on an island and I order from Ontario Beer Kegs
  14. AndytheBeave

    Help me classify this please

    That's the beauty of home brewing. You don't have to fit any style if you don't want to. Brew what you can't buy!
  15. AndytheBeave

    Actually a nearly perfect brew day!

    Tell me about it. I had what was looking like a perfect brew day 2 weeks ago - and then I made the mistake of acknowledging how smoothly everything was going. Long story short, my burner decided that the best time to pack it in is in the middle of the boil. Do not anger the brewing gods with...
  16. AndytheBeave

    6.5 gallon corny keg - an affordable stainless fermenter, FINALLY!

    Neat idea. Are you going to fit some sort of airlock to the lid?
  17. AndytheBeave

    Best way to aviod a hangover!

    Greasy sausage sandwich, served in a dirty ashtray
  18. AndytheBeave

    All Grain Brewing Simplified Pt 2: Equipment Profiles

    great article. Thanks for posting it. I am seriously starting to consider a single vessel RIMs setup
  19. AndytheBeave

    What came in the mail for you today?

    I got my Topsflow brew pump today - Signifying the beginning of the end of caveman style!