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    Adding yeast to 09-09-09 for bottling

    So, my 09-09-09 was in primary for about 2 mos and secondary for about 5 mos. I'm assuming that all the yeast has dropped out of suspension and I will have to add yeast for bottling. I have a packet of US-05 to use. What's proper procedure for introducing yeast back into the beer? BTW, I...
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    Reusing yeast cake when there's an IBU difference

    I'm brewing two belgian trippels in the next couple weeks and am going to reuse the 510 yeast cake. But, the first brew I'm doing is 35 IBUs and the second is 21. Is this too great of a difference? Should I wait and do the second brew as the first? Or, does it not make a difference?
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    Adding DME after fermentation on my 09-09-09

    I brewed a batch of the 09-09-09 yesterday (AG), but my efficiency sucked. My OG was nearly .020 lower than it should be (1.102 vs 1.021). Since this is supposed to be a barleywine I'd like to get the ABV up higher. The problem is that I'm out of extract that I usually use for my starters...
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    How to use runoff from today for starter foro 09/09/09 brew on Sunday

    I'm using a gallon of runoff from my brew today (hazed and confused clone) for the starter for my 09/09/09 brew on Sunday. Should I start the starter today and just let it sit in the "fermenter" until sunday? (actually 2 starters) Or, do I store the wort for 3 days and start my starter...
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    2 x 6.75G Mashes...One Big Boil?

    I'm volunteering my time and brewing 10G of an IPA, but my mash tun (10G) isn't big enough to handle 32# of grain plus water. I do have access to a pot/keggle that is large enough to handle a boil for 10G batch. In an effort to save time, I'm thinking about doing two mashes and then one...
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    Jackman's Pale Ale Clone?

    Anybody have a recipe for this Left Hand Brewery beer? I've searched and can't seem to find one.
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    AG Success!!

    Well, as some of you might remember my first attempt at AG tasted like plastic and I ended up tossing the batch. (First time I've ever done that!) Well, I brewed up a batch of my Leviathan Ale last week and...it tastes GREAT! My efficiency for this brew and the plasticy SNPA were about 65%...
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    First AG, platicy taste?

    My first AG was a SNPA clone that I brewed on the first of April. There were some issues as you can read below, but I tried to fix them as best as possible. My first taste out of primary has a big plasticy taste. Now, I realize that the beer is green, but I've never has a beer with this...
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    Beer Smith Recipes

    Whenever I input a new recipe into Beersmith it automatically has a "Brew Date" and it gets added into the calendar feature. How do I prevent this from happening? I regularly input recipes I'd like to brew in the future but the program says that I'm brewing them on the day I input the recipe...
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    Brewing at altitude

    I recently accepted a job in Aspen, CO and am going to be moving at the end of May. Granted, I won't be living IN Aspen but probably 1/2 to 1 hour away. What will change from brewing essentially at sea level to 6200ft? What should I look for? Tips?
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    Steeping grains for a full boil

    I recently bought a turkey fryer with a 7.5G pot for my transition to AG. I am still extract brewing with steeped grains and late extract additions, but am now doing full boils (with the proper hops adjustments). My question is: I have always steeped my grains is approx. 2 .5G of water...
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    Brewing for my graduation party...ideas?

    I'll be graduating from the Culinary Institute of America at the end of May and I'm now getting my ingredients together for the brews that I'll have on hand for the party. My tentative list is as follows: Leviathan Ale - kegged (already made and conditioning) (house favorite, see my recipes)...
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    Leviathan Ale

    2 lbs Light Dry Extract (8.0 SRM) 6 lbs 9.6 oz Pale Liquid Extract (8.0 SRM) 1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM) 1 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) 2.25 oz Magnum [16.00%] (60 min)...
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    I just met Garret Oliver!

    I was surfing the web today and happened to check on the Brooklyn Brewery website. Lo and behold, Brooklyn Brewery was hosting a beer/food dinner tonight at a restaurant that is a mere 5 miles from my house! I immediately called for a reservation and took one of the last two spots available...
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    My first stout recipe, please critique

    I'm trying to put together a semi-dry stout that's on the bitter side. I'm working with what I have in stock, so the only changes that can be made are with ingredients that I have in stock. (I wish I could figure out how to copy my inventory list on Beersmith) BeerSmith Recipe Printout -...
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    Starter from dried yeast?

    Is there any reason to do it? Just wondering. I've only used dried yeast until yesterday's 08-08-08 brew where I made a starter from 1056. Comments? :mug:
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    Alimony Ale Recipe?

    About 15 years ago I started drinking better beer and it began with something called "Alimony Ale". Dubbed "The bitterest brew in America" it was what began my jouney into real beer. From what I can tell it is only available on the West Coast and I'm in NY. Be that as it may, does anybody...
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    Trouble Force Carbing

    I posted this in Bottling/Kegging also: I'm trying to force carbonate two kegs for this weekend and am not having too good of luck. I have to carbonate them at room temp (68F) so I've had them at 40 PSI for two weeks. They stopped taking anymore gas a few days ago, so I thought they were...
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    Low carbonation after 2 wks of force carbing

    I'm trying to force carbonate two kegs for this weekend and am not having too good of luck. I have to carbonate them at room temp (68F) so I've had them at 40 PSI for two weeks. They stopped taking anymore gas a few days ago, so I thought they were done. Today, I put some ice in the...
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    Do you whisk in DME?

    Just a little observation. For my first two batches I used a spoon to stir in DME as I slowly added it to my wort. This caused some lumps to form in the wort that didn't dissolve. As a chef I know that using a whisk when stirring in a powder (ie. flour, DME) will break it up to smaller...