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  1. gotsumbeers

    Bottling with Brett

    Hi. I'm a very green noob with Brett. I want to batch condition then bottle a Saison I have with the dregs from Saison Rue. My Saison is down to 1.006. Am I safe? How low does a brew need to go before you need to add priming sugar? Does batch conditioning and bottling from a keg negate the...
  2. gotsumbeers

    The Old Sam Adams?

    I'm sitting here enjoying a Sam Adams Noble Pils. My wife loves it. I long ago abandoned Boston Lager because I believed it was no longer what it once was. But, tasting this Pils it takes me right back to the Boston Lager of the early 90s. Anyone else get this?
  3. gotsumbeers

    1st Lager Yeast Starter

    So I have a smack pack that if from Feb 2012. Bavarian Lager. It has been on the stirplate, at 70 degrees, for 24hours now with no visible signs that it is fermenting, but it does have a green apple smell underneath the malt extract smell. Is it typical for lager yeast to start slow? Is the...
  4. gotsumbeers

    Baby Food- Experimental Brew

    So I have two almost full boxes of Gerber Baby Oatmeal and Mixed Grains that won't get eaten, about two pounds. I also have a couple of cans of pumpkin, honey, and various brewing grains. I want to do a small batch with theses things using minimal barley malt. How much barley may be...
  5. gotsumbeers

    Rehydrating with Distilled Water

    Is it harmful to rehydrate dry yeast with distilled water?
  6. gotsumbeers

    Everybody Knockin' On Buffalo Wild Wings

    I saw the commercial and it made me laugh. I have never been to a BWW, but I will. They sponsored a home brew competition here in Maryland. Best in Show winner gets their beer brewed by a local brewery and then it gets served at the local BWWs. That doesn't sound like a company that looks...
  7. gotsumbeers

    Why I Love Dry Yeast

    I am looking forward to brewing something Thursday night. Not exactly sure what. I was going to pick a style today. Should I make a starter with this new smack pack? Mercifully use an aging smack pack. Or, use this Saison yeast I harvested? Tonight was going to be starter night. Then at...
  8. gotsumbeers

    Ideas for Persimmons

    Anyone out there ferment any beverages using persimmons? I have access to a lot and don't know a thing about them except they can be made in to pie.
  9. gotsumbeers

    Washing Yeast from a Big Beer

    Is it worth washing and saving the yeast from brew that went from 1.107 to 1.020? Is it too pooped out and tired? I would more than likely not be using it on another big beer.
  10. gotsumbeers

    Big Beer, When to Bottle?

    I have a Belgian Strong Dark fermenting away. It started out at 1.107, I intended lower but boiled off more than anticipated. After 21 days it is down to 1.022. It tastes awesome and I would love to bottle it now, but in the last five days has dropped a point. I know on point could be a...
  11. gotsumbeers

    Dumping bottles to Keg

    Anyone have to open uncarbonated beer in bottles and pour them in a keg? I have a batch that didn't carb but I want to salvage. It was too bad, as it was split batch and the legged half was great, but the bottled half earned me a 16 in competition! Any tips for doing this? I plan on...
  12. gotsumbeers

    ECY-08 and Saison Fermentation

    I have just brewed my first Saison using the East Coast Yeast 08. High fermentation temps seem to be the thing to do, so I just put it in the garage at about 85 to 90 deg. In nine days I went from 1.049 to 1.002. The garage smelled of Saison and yeast all week. I am sure all is well. I...
  13. gotsumbeers

    Great Day of Brewing!

    The wife never can appreciate a good day of brewing. I love her, she loves good beer, she supports my brewing, but has no interest in the actual brewing. So I figured I would congratulate myself here. Yesterday I had a great day. I parti-glye brewed a Belgian Dark Strong and Saison. BDS...
  14. gotsumbeers

    Yeast as a Yeast Nutrient

    Anyone else out there use yeast as a yeast nutrient? I cannot remember where I read or heard about it, but I toss a teaspoon or so of dried bakers yeast in to the boil. It seems to work, but I also started aerating with o2 around the same time, so who knows. Anyone else out there do this, or...
  15. gotsumbeers

    Stir Plate Newbie

    Hi, I just got a stir plate for use with my higher gravity brews specifically. How long is a starter viable for after it has been cold crashed? I am looking at doing a parti-gyle and using two different yeasts, but only have the one stir plate. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated...
  16. gotsumbeers

    Cold Crashing then Bottle Conditioning

    I was wondering if there were any drawbacks to cold crashing a beer to clarify it, then priming and bottling it, bringing it up to cellar temps and conditioning? Are there any pressure related concerns? Thanks.
  17. gotsumbeers

    Stressing safbrew 06

    Am brewing a wheat beer and plan on pitching fermentis safbrew 06. I plan on trying to stress it to get optimum esters etc. in my brewery I have a temp between 65 to 75 degrees this time of year. If I pitch at 65 and just let it fluctuate with the ambient temp would that be ok? Or is the...