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  1. frozennorth

    HBC 520

    Has anyone used this hop? I picked some up at Homebrew Con and am interested in using it, but can find no info on its taste profile. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. frozennorth

    I wish my LHBS sold...

    Fresh grain
  3. frozennorth

    Too hot to brew?

    Malls? We don't have no stinkn' malls.
  4. frozennorth

    Too hot to brew?

    Come to Alaska, it is 41 degrees this morning.
  5. frozennorth

    Something tells me i am not responsible enough to have a kegerator...

    Just set mine up this last week and tapped my first beer on Wednesday, a DIPA. My kids are at their mom's and my wife has been working nights all weekend. That keg is getting very light. I may need adult supervision.
  6. frozennorth


    I recently got this as a gift from a friend, but it was cold. I have kept it in the beer fridge for the last few weeks, but would like to cellar it. Would it be okay to take it out of the fridge and store it at 55 degrees? Or, will it age in the fridge? My fear is off flavors from going from...
  7. frozennorth

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Thinking about a Zombie Dust clone...or, a mosaic/citra IPA. Will decide at the store.
  8. frozennorth


    I am helping judge at a local competition this weekend and am a bit worried about what to expect. I have studied and tried listed examples of each beer in the comp. perhaps having a nice home brew will chill me out. Any pointers from anyone?
  9. frozennorth

    Denver Breweries

    River North was fantastic (great twists on Belgium styles) and yes, Lost Highway was hit. Funny, I did not expect the altitude to effect my drinking, but I realized early that the choice to have flights was a good one. Tonight I am drinking Dank IPA, Dude's Brews, rather tasty. Off to the MIL's...
  10. frozennorth

    Denver Breweries

    Today is the last day of our drinking through Denver trip. We have hit 13 breweries so far, with three to go today. So far the highlights have been finding Pliny at the Cheeky Monk, not a brewery, but I wanted to try it, and Epic. The biggest disappointment has been Mutual Friend, their beers...
  11. frozennorth

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Just finished a 5 gallon extract Pale Ale. I used some mystery wild hops a friend brought from the Pacific Northwest. This was the first time that I used whole hops and they sucked up about 1/2 gallon, which I did not account for. So, I actually got 4 1/2 gallons. Using S-04. Looking forward to...
  12. frozennorth

    Failure or success

    It is a beer. Do you like it? If so, it is a success, drink it. If not, drink it anyway and figure out where the issue is to fix next time.
  13. frozennorth

    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    This Shiner was absolutely horrible, like drinking semi sweet chocolate.
  14. frozennorth

    Beer in the morning

    Anytime I open a beer before noon my wife always says, "Brewing today?"
  15. frozennorth

    Obtaining higher ABV

    Check out the Basic Brewing podcast from last week. It is all about getting higher ABV from yeasts that are not designed to reach high ABVs.
  16. frozennorth

    Dry hopping

    I usually leave it in the primary, 14 days in I dry hop, 21 days in I bottle. Never had an issue with grassy tastes and the hops still pack a whollup.
  17. frozennorth

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When your wife agrees to spend your, four year late, honeymoon touring the breweries of Denver and says, "I better start drinking more so that I can hang." (Keeping this one!!)
  18. frozennorth

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Spring is finally here and IPA season is just around the corner. A continuously hopped DIPA at about a 9 ABV should be nice in a month.
  19. frozennorth

    Music Influences

    The Dead. So many shows, so much beer to make.