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  1. res291que

    Can I save it?

    I made a mead several months ago, I can grab the specifics, OG, FG, recipe, etc when I get home. I made about a 2.5 gallon batch and put into a 5 gallon carboy. Just been sitting in that never transferred or anything, has 2 - 3 gallons of headspace. When I tasted this the other day it tasted...
  2. res291que

    Maryland Keggle in Maryland

    This is a local sale only no shipping for these. Asking $120 on craigslist if you PM me through this site I will sell them for $105 each. I have for sale two keggles, both have weldless fittings with dip tubes and stainless ball valves. You can see them on this craigslist ad...
  3. res291que

    Maryland 10 gallon cooler

    Hey all I have for sale a round 10 gallon cooler that can be converted to a MLT or HLT. Please PM or reply with any questions asking $50 would prefer not to ship. Located near Frederick MD.
  4. res291que

    Maryland Keggle in Maryland

    Hey all I have an old decommissioned Coores Light Keg converted to a Keggle for sale. Asking $110 has a pick up tube made out of 1/2" Copper with a 1/2" ball valve weld-less fitting. Would prefer local pick up. Please PM or reply with any questions. Thanks
  5. res291que

    Draft magazine 2 years $15

    Hey all another person here just got my deal off living social. If you follow this link it will help me out thanks. http://www.livingsocial.com/deals/606544-two-year-12-issue-subscription?ref=mobile-email-share-post-purchase%26rpi=104331820%26rui=144978267
  6. res291que

    WTB pin lock corneys cheap

    Hey all looking for some pin locks cheap. Live in MD, would like to avoid paying a lot in shipping cost. Thanks
  7. res291que

    Wanted grain mill

    Hey all know some of you are looking to upgrade to the rebel grain mill. Was wondering if anyone wanted to sell a used grain mill, would prefer if you were close to Frederick, MD or DC to avoid shipping cost. Thanks