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  1. hillhousesawdustco

    What do advanced homebrewers ferment 10 gallon batches in?

    I use plastic cone-bottomed induction tanks in a temp-controlled freezer. Works great. A little awkward to move around and clean, but it is wonderful for yeast management.
  2. hillhousesawdustco

    Hemp beer

    Kettlehouse in Missoula, MT has long made a "Bongwater" Hemp beer. Maybe they could give you some tips?
  3. hillhousesawdustco

    Add honey to secodary

    In my experience honey does ferment out completely in secondary, it just might take a little while especially if you just dump it in cold and solid. I don't know about ONE yeast cell but racking to secondary just gets your beer of the cake, there is plenty of healthy yeast still to chew through...
  4. hillhousesawdustco

    Add honey to secodary

    I've had good results adding the honey at high krausen during primary.
  5. hillhousesawdustco

    Drinking beer with a cold

    I'll occasionally have a beer when I'm sick, but they usually taste like straight sparge water to me and then I have to pound water to stay hydrated. I rather prefer chamomile tea (or sleepytime or some kind of mint) with jack daniels and a large dollop of honey.
  6. hillhousesawdustco

    3 bbl system

    I would assume this:
  7. hillhousesawdustco

    3 bbl system

    Well c'mon now, we need deets on the nano!
  8. hillhousesawdustco

    Trouble keeping a kony keg more than couple day

    Definitely a cyclical phase for me. I have 3 or 4 taps going at all times and I'll have some beers that will last for months (usually if I brew something random for a friend, and that friend only visits the middle of nowhere 2x per year). Some will last a month or so- usually beer that is...
  9. hillhousesawdustco

    Temp control

    Love, Ranco, and STC-1000 are very popular here.
  10. hillhousesawdustco

    Starting a Brewery

    Check out probrewer.com for professional discussions that said there are plenty of interesting threads here regarding starting, or trying to start, small commercial breweries.
  11. hillhousesawdustco

    New to the drinking of microbrews!

    Well...I don't about "getting used to it." Granted the more bitter spectrum of beers are often an acquired taste- I didn't start of just loving IPAs the first time I snagged beers in high school. If you don't like 'em, no reason to force yourself to drink them, but as your palate becomes more...
  12. hillhousesawdustco

    Breweries in Charleston, SC

    Charleston is an absurdly fun town- I lived there for three years right before the brewery scene really started happening. I agree that Palmetto is pretty lame. I've heard good things about Holy City. Mellow Mushroom is indeed a fine place for pizza and they have a ton on tap. Be sure to...
  13. hillhousesawdustco

    Making LME today

    This sounds like a pretty interesting method to save one's back!? Why not just brew smaller volumes of beer, ie 1 gallon batches?
  14. hillhousesawdustco

    my logo, input please

    Ha, it's the internet buddyro! Go ahead and be constructive with your criticism, or be a dick, or be helpful or whatever it is you'd like. Might be nice to know what his (gotta assume his,vhere) goal is for the logo- commerical pub or frathouse brewroom for instance, before we call in a true...
  15. hillhousesawdustco

    What to do with warrior?

    Lots of folks use 'em as the bittering addition in IPAs or other big hoppyish beers. It's clean and the AA values provide a lot of cheap IBUs.
  16. hillhousesawdustco

    my logo, input please

    Might just be my vision or computer screen but I can't read it. Are those tractors/cranes/naked ladies?
  17. hillhousesawdustco


    Completely agreed- I went through all sorts of upgrades before I got to fermentation temp control and it definitely made the most difference. Whether you are brewing extract or all-grain, or have the fanciest chilller or just chill over night, the consistent and appropriate temperature of...
  18. hillhousesawdustco

    Grain Crush question w/ pic

    oh burned! (Despite using pH meters for rural water systems, hot tubs, and brewing for years, I don't even know what it stands for other than as a measure of basic vs acidic, so.....you got me!)
  19. hillhousesawdustco

    Grain Crush question w/ pic

    Have to assume he was checking the PH of the mash. I agree that crush looks a little rough, and I'm going to spell it correctly- COARSE. In YOUR FACE, internet people.