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  1. hillhousesawdustco

    Incorporating a Keezer into an Existing Bar

    Sorry for never responding to this! I never did do anything with the top cover- it works great as is and I just never got inspired to make it into anything in particular. The single coat of non-primed brown spraypaint has gotten a bit scratched so maybe I'll come up with something good rather...
  2. hillhousesawdustco

    building a tap system over a chest freezer

    Here is what I did: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f51/incorporating-keezer-into-existing-bar-236053/ Never did finish that thread. Originally was going to incorporate it into the structure of the bar, but ended up just letting it be a standalone unit so I could move it around seasonally. I...
  3. hillhousesawdustco

    building a tap system over a chest freezer

    Hey pal you're in the right place. There are a couple zillion builds doing the same thing right here in the DIY forum. Look around. First tip- probably a lot easier to work from the top hinge than slide the keezer around. That's what 99% of us do (me including), in many different...
  4. hillhousesawdustco

    12v transformer to power PC fan.. dangerous?

    Just a heads up to save you a couple bucks if you are interested: it is super easy to use an old cell phone (wall) charger to power PC fans. I assume that this is to move air in a keezer/fermenter/kegerator sort of thing? They usually provide quite a bit less than 12v (pretty sure mine is 5v)...
  5. hillhousesawdustco

    Cedar Bar/Keezer Build

    Sick build. Totally making my live-edge keezer accents look...like accents. I will, however, point out that the back of your tower looks like a butt. Midpoop. http://cdn.homebrewtalk.com/attachments/f51/111027d1364354560-cedar-bar-keezer-build-imag0546.jpg
  6. hillhousesawdustco

    Keezer build question?

    There is definitely a thread on this site somewhere that has photos of 95% of generally used freezer models that include the cutouts for cornys. Take a searchabout (or just go through google) and you'll probably find your fridge and some corny vs 1/6th info. I have a 7 1/4" collar on a 7cf...
  7. hillhousesawdustco

    My answer to the Keezer lid question

    What's the red disc on the corner?
  8. hillhousesawdustco

    My answer to the Keezer lid question

    Nice work! Hate to burst any sorta bubble but it may have been done before!
  9. hillhousesawdustco

    Keezer build question?

    A 1/6th keg is quite similar to a homebrew corny and many many breweries use them, so the commercial keezer isn't much different from a homebrew keezer.....until you get short 1/4ths or full 1/2s involved. It is REALLY hard to get a full 1/2bbl keg into a chest freezer, especially with a...
  10. hillhousesawdustco

    Keezers never get old, do they? My build.

    That's.....pretty sick! Did you have time to brew any beer?
  11. hillhousesawdustco

    Post a Pic of your bar

    Are you KIDDING ME with that secret room and tap! That's so cool! And Malibrew- how many freaking taps is that?
  12. hillhousesawdustco

    Post a Pic of your bar

    So, where are the taps!?!
  13. hillhousesawdustco

    Our Home Pub Project

    That's very impressive- great work!
  14. hillhousesawdustco

    My Keezer build!! Check it out, Im pretty happy with it!!

    Looks great- you planning on skinning the body of the keezer or happy with the black?
  15. hillhousesawdustco

    Fan wiring?

    I've got my temp controller power an outlet. Keezer plugs into outlet. I took an old cell-phone charger (I think it is 6 volts or something) and spliced it into a little 12v computer squirrel cage fan. The fan cuts on whenever the compressor cuts on and moves some air around. Works great for me.
  16. hillhousesawdustco

    New Keezer Build-Design Suggestions???

    Man, that is fine work! Sick workshop too, I'd kill for that vacuum system!
  17. hillhousesawdustco

    Keezer build

    I really like that SS plate around the temp controller- nice work!
  18. hillhousesawdustco

    DIY Bar / Tap / Keezer

    Well to join the rest of the congratulators, I gotta say that you have a really neat, clean build there. The copycat/homage stuff we see here a bunch is usually gorgeous, but it is always refreshing to see an entirely new design! Also, I love to hear of your low-tech success as far as the...
  19. hillhousesawdustco

    Peter_h's Keezer Build

    Very professional!
  20. hillhousesawdustco

    Barn Board Keezer

    Looks great! Very nice work on each component!