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  1. Dr. Francois

    How to get smell of smoke off of used refrigerator

    My fermentation chest freezer stunk like menthol smoke. I scrubbed with a paste of baking soda and water, then sprayed with simple green. I keep a box of baking soda in it. Better! Sent from my SGH-T889 using Home Brew mobile app
  2. Dr. Francois

    Being A Good Cook Initially=Easier Time As A Newbie?

    I think it helps. Once you've learned lessons about boiling stock or tomato sauce, those lessons transfer to brewing. Same thing with cleanup and sanitation. Of course, being a tea geek would help, too, as steepers know a lot about temperature control and regulation. I came to the hobby through...
  3. Dr. Francois

    Fermenting Safale 05 at 64F?

    I have found US-05 to be a very slow starter. Without rehydrating, lag can take up to 48 hours before airlock activity kicks in. I still love it. Sent from my SGH-T889 using Home Brew mobile app
  4. Dr. Francois

    Red oak cubes???

    If red oak were tasty, American whiskey would be aged in red oak. I get a cat-pee scent from it. I also think it is lousy for smoked food for a similar reason.
  5. Dr. Francois

    Lowes food grade buckets

    Plain white buckets and lids at Walmart are Encore brand and food safe. I bought one to hold rice and another just in case...I hate going there. I keep going because Cafe Bustelo espresso is $3 a brick and we go through a brick a week. Found the receipt: Bucket: $2.97 Lid: $1.17
  6. Dr. Francois

    How to reduce yeast taste/aroma

    Have you tried cold crashing for 2-3 days before transferring to the keg?
  7. Dr. Francois

    Need help with correct BJCP Style

    6D http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style06.php#1d
  8. Dr. Francois

    Church and beer

    It's in a former funeral home. http://www.breweryvivant.com/index.php/sustainability/our-buildings/
  9. Dr. Francois

    Pumpkin in Boil or mash? Both?

    2 tbsp is about as low as you should go with flameout addition, IMHO. I like the idea of using a vodka steep added to secondary.
  10. Dr. Francois

    Specific Gravity too low? Add sugar?

    And no shaking after the first 24 hours of fermentation.
  11. Dr. Francois

    Specific Gravity too low? Add sugar?

    With that quantity of ingredients, I'm betting on one of two possibilities: 1. Your temp was off on the mash or you stopped before full conversion. 2. The wort and water were not properly mixed, yielding a lower hydrometer reading. My bet is #2. I've done that before. Use the hydrometer...
  12. Dr. Francois

    That last swallow...

    Totally safe...just gaseous.
  13. Dr. Francois

    Should I quit my brewing job?

    $400/wk for 40hrs/wk take-home is rough. To put in perspective, though, it is only slightly less than I made as a first year public school teacher. Mine was more like $430/wk and I worked 50+ hours plus many weekends. Look around at other employees...is anyone making ends meet? What do you...
  14. Dr. Francois

    Low carb beer

    For your buddy, how "low" is low?
  15. Dr. Francois

    Coors Batch 19

    I enjoyed it.
  16. Dr. Francois

    Anyone use the disposable oxygen tanks for aerating?

    I'm still on my first red tank, 12 or so batches of use. If you see the wort churn, it is up too high. Put another way, any bubbles that reach the surface aren't doing the wort any good
  17. Dr. Francois

    The bane of my homebrewing existence

    To how many volumes of CO2 are you carbing this beer? What psi? What keg temp? How long are your lines? I'm wondering if it is just excessively carbonated.
  18. Dr. Francois

    Sam Adams New Albion Clone

    I bought a sixer... I like it, but my honest appraisal is it tastes like a 50/50 dillution of Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Definitely Cascade hops...American 2-row with a higher mash temp. Think SNPA minus crystal malt and flameout additions. Still, a perfect pizza beer with a...
  19. Dr. Francois

    Which Malt Will Leave Most Unfermentable Sugar?

    I disagree. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f128/testing-fermentability-crystal-malt-208361/
  20. Dr. Francois

    SWMBO poses this question. Help please!

    No potential benefit to the child coupled with moderate risk equals do-the-right-thing...O'Doul's Amber with a shot of decaf espresso and a squirt of Hershey's chocolate syrup. Viola! Preggers Porter. There are much worse "real" beers than O'Doul's Amber, FWIW.